How To Use Director's Mode On Galaxy S21

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With the Samsung Galaxy S21, the company unveiled a few new camera features for its new flagship devices. One of those features is Director’s View. It’s something that we were very excited about when Samsung explained it. And using it, is pretty fun. Even if you aren’t a content creator.

And today, we’re going to explain what Director’s View is and how you can use it.

What is Director’s View?

Director’s View is a new mode on the Galaxy S21 series of smartphones. It allows you to record from all of the cameras at the same time. This is perfect for the content creators out there, as you can get different angles and distances, as well as recording from the front-facing camera. Making it great for those “reaction” videos you see on TikTok.


This makes the possibilities of recording and creating content on the Galaxy S21, endless.

How to record in Director’s View

First up, you’ll need to open the camera app.

Next, in the shooting mode selector, tap more.

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Screenshot 20210211 105459 Camera

Then tap on Director’s View.

In Director’s View, you can tap on the small icon (it may look like a box, a box with a line throw it or a box with a smaller box shaded in, depending on the mode you’re in) in the upper left corner of the screen, and this will adjust how your cameras are displayed.


You can choose from Split View, Single View and Picture-in-Picture View.

Screenshot 20210211 105531 Camera

You also have the ability to choose which of the rear cameras are recording at anytime, with the pop-up Director’s View box. This appears above the record button.


There are some limits to Director’s View. For instance, you can record in 1080p on all of the cameras. You also can’t use the 10x telephoto lens on the Galaxy S21 Ultra, you are limited to the 3X lens instead. But you can jump to the 10X telephoto lens, when you pinch to zoom. It’ll automatically jump to the other lens once you zoom in at least 10X.

And that’s Director’s View. It’s a pretty cool mode for creators out there, as you are able to record from all of the cameras at the same time, and see each camera too.