How To Upgrade Your PlayStation Plus Plan To Extra Or Premium

Upgrade PlayStation Plus

With the new PlayStation Plus plans launching today you’ll be able to upgrade your existing plans if you already have an active subscription. Keep in mind the new PlayStation Plus plans are going active in North America and South America today, while they’ll be launching in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe on June 23.

They also already launched in Asia on May 23 and in Japan on June 2. With all of that said, you don’t have to do anything to upgrade of your PlayStation Plus plan if you’re going to stay on the standard PS Plus Essential. If you want the new features though, you’ll need to swap over to either the Extra or Premium plans. And that’s what this guide will help walk you through.

How to Upgrade to The New PlayStation Plus Plans

The new PlayStation Plus tiers come with some pretty cool perks for their new monthly prices. Like game demos and cloud streaming access if you have the Premium tier.


Or the Game Catalog which gives you access to a rotating list of games if you have the Extra tier (this is the only difference between Extra and Essential). Here’s how to upgrade from Essential to either Extra or Premium.

Log in with your credentials at the PlayStation website

PlayStation Plus Upgrade 1

Start by logging in to your PlayStation account at the PlayStation website. Alternatively, create an account if you don’t have one already. Or if you do but aren’t subscribed to PlayStation Plus, set up your first-time subscription.


Click on your profile avatar

PlayStation Plus Upgrade 2

Next, once you’re logged in click on your profile avatar to bring up the dropdown menu. You’ll see options for Account Settings, Payment Management, Redeem Code, Subscriptions Management, Game Library, and Sign Out.

Click on Subscriptions Management

Click on the Subscriptions Management options to go to the subscriptions page.


Click on Change Subscription

PlayStation Plus Upgrade 3

Next, you’ll need to click on the option that says Change Subscription. This will bring up the options for all three plan tiers. Remember, if you’re already an active PlayStation Plus member paying $9.99 a month or with an annual plan, then your plan automatically swaps to Essential today, and you don’t have to do anything if you’re keeping this plan.

Select Extra or Premium

PlayStation Plus Upgrade 4


If you want to upgrade from Essential, you should see options for both Extra and Premium. Choose the one you want to upgrade to. This will require you to pay the difference between the plan you’re on and the one you’re moving to. With my account for example, I had an extra year of PlayStation Plus that renewed on June 4 from a 12-month card I bought. So I would pay the $58.68 difference to move up to Premium from Essential. The price would then change to the full $120 annual cost once the year is up.

Your price will vary based on how much time is left on your account.

Click Continue to Upgrade

Click the blue continue to upgrade button.


Read through the terms and payment changes and click Accept

PlayStation Plus Upgrade 5

Now, unless it doesn’t matter to you, make sure you read through the brief set of terms and price change details, then click the Accept button to continue.

Confirm the plan change and purchase

PlayStation Plus Upgrade 6


Finally, you’re just about done and then you can enjoy the benefits of your new plan. Finalize things by selecting your payment method, then confirming your plan change to complete your purchase. Once this step is over you’ll have paid for the upgrade and you’ll be on the new plan.

You’ll then be taken to one final screen which confirms your plan change and that’s it. Should you ever want to change your plan again and move down to either Extra or Essential, you will go through these same steps.