How To Upgrade Your NVIDIA GeForce NOW Plan

GeForce NOW

NVIDIA’s GeForce Now service offers three tiers for subscribers, but what if you’re on the free tier and you want to upgrade? Not to worry. The process is pretty simple to do and this handy guide can walk you through all the steps. Of which there aren’t that many.

Unsurprisingly, NVIDIA makes it really easy to upgrade your plan if you want a better a experience. And why wouldn’t they? That would essentially be turning down free money, as someone who found it difficult to figure out how to upgrade their GeForce NOW plan may choose to give up after a short period of time and stick with what they have.

Why you would want to consider a GeForce NOW plan upgrade

There are a few reasons why you’d want to upgrade your plan. The most obvious benefit is the higher resolution streaming. If you’re on the priority tier you get up to 1080p. And if you subscribe to the RTX 3080 tier you can now stream in up to 4K on NVIDIA SHIELD, PC, and Mac.


You also get 120fps in certain games on a handful of supported Android phones. As well as faster frame rates on other devices. You also get priority access on the two upper tiers, and longer game sessions. With up to 6 hours of play time on the priority tier and up to 8 hours on the RTX 3080 tier.

Of course, upgrading does cost more per month. But if you can afford it the benefits are worth the cost. If you want to read more about GeForce NOW and everything it offers, you can check out our comprehensive guide on the service.

How to upgrade your GeForce NOW plan

If you’ve decided to upgrade your plan, or you think you might want to in the future, as mentioned above NVIDIA has made it pretty easy to do.


Go to the GeForce NOW website

GeForce NOW Upgrade Plan 1

Start by heading to the GeForce NOW website. If you’re not already a subscriber of GeForce NOW, then you’ll be able to set up your first plan from here.

Log in with your account credentials

GeForce NOW Upgrade Plan 2


Now you’ll need to log in with your credentials, at which point you’ll be taken to the account page. To log in, click the avatar icon in the top right corner of the website. You’ll then be asked to verify the account you want to log in with.

If you only have one account, just choose the only one that’s visible. If you have multiple accounts that use the device you’re on, choose the one you want to upgrade.

Click the upgrade button under the GeForce NOW panel

GeForce NOW Upgrade Plan 3
GeForce NOW Upgrade Plan 4
GeForce NOW Upgrade Plan 3
GeForce NOW Upgrade Plan 4

Once you’re on your account page, you’ll see a panel for your account information and just under it, a panel for which GeForce NOW plan you’re on. In that panel there’s a button that says upgrade which will take you to the plan selection page.


Click that button and then on the next page, select the plan you want to upgrade to. You should get a verification page asking you to confirm that you want to upgrade to the selected plan. Then once confirmed you’ll be on the new plan and get all the benefits from it.

You can also downgrade your plan from here too. Should you want to downgrade, simply click the same upgrade button, then select a plan lower than the one you’re on.