How To Update Your PS5 DualSense Controller


It may (or may not) surprise you that you will periodically have to update your PS5 DualSense controller. If you don’t have a PS5, then chances are you weren’t aware. Though you may have suspected it since you had to update the DualShock 4 controllers every so often too.

There’s been a few updates for the controllers already at this point. I’ve updated both of my white DualSense controllers about two or three times now since getting the console back at launch. And I also had to apply the most recent update to the Midnight Black controller when it arrived a couple of weeks ago.

The point is that these updates will surface more often than you think, but not at an unnecessary rate. They won’t be getting updates as often as Steam, for example. The process of updating the PS5 controller is pretty simple, and it doesn’t take too long. It’s a controller after all.


How to update the PS5 DualSense controller

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There are a couple of ways to do this, and the easiest way is to just do the update when it comes up. In the system settings you can check the console for updates, but you can’t check the controllers for updates.

Sony instead has designed things to notify you with a prompt when you next power on your PS5. Or boot it up from sleep if you’re putting the console in rest mode. Here are the steps if you’re going to go about this as soon as you see that an update is available.


Worth noting is that if an update is available, it’ll generally be the first thing you see upon powering on the PS5, shortly after its boot up animation.

Highlight the “Update Now” button upon seeing the prompt

When an update becomes available, you’ll have two options to choose from. One will allow you to have the console notify you again in 24 hours. The other allows you to update now.

Make sure to highlight the update now button.


Plug in the controller and select update now

With Sony’s controller updates, you need to plug the controllers in if you want to download the software to them. So dig out that USB-C cable that came with your console and connect it. Plug in the PS5 controller and click the update now button.

It is possible to skip this step. At which point Sony will just notify you again in 24 hours. If you do this accidentally, you can still update the controller right away.

Updating the PS5 controller without waiting the 24-hour cycle

Sony has its reasons for designing the update process this way. They’re not necessarily good reasons, but they’re reasons. So we just have to deal with it and hope that Sony makes the process a little more user-friendly.


But all is not lost. If you accidentally skip the update when you see the prompt, you can still push the update through without waiting the 24-hour cycle like I did with my first controller.

Navigate to the settings menu, and find network settings

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Find the settings menu for the PS5 and pull it up. Enter the Network section and then enter the Settings menu for the network options.


Disable the internet connection

How To Update PS5 Controller 3

Now what you’ll need to do is disable the internet connection to the console.

Go to the System settings, then Date and Time

How To Update PS5 Controller 4


Next, go into the System settings menu and look for the Date and Time settings. Here you’ll find the ability to change the date and time. Which is why you disconnected the console from the internet.

Change the date and time manually

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There are two options for setting the date and time for your PS5. Manually, and using the internet. The internet will automatically set the correct time. You don’t want that. So select change the date and time manually, then skip the time ahead by 24 hours.


This will force the PS5 to think it’s now been 24 hours. At which point you can put the PS5 in rest mode. Make sure to plug the controller back into the console before bringing it out of sleep. You should then receive the prompt again, and then you can change the date and time back to automatic.

How to tell what version of software your DualSense controller is on

This might not help all that much, seeing as I couldn’t find a reliable page with information from Sony that shows the most current software version for the DualSense controller.

But you can check to see what version your controllers are on. And just in case Sony ever makes this information freely available, it’ll be good to know how to check and see if your controller is up to date.

Start by opening the settings menu and then navigating to the accessories section. In this menu highlight and select controllers. In this sub-menu you can see the “Wireless Controller Device Software” with a number association. This is the version of software your controller is on.

Keep this in mind in case Sony ever creates a list where you can check to see what the latest version is for the controller software.