How To Unlink Arlo From Your Google Home

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One of the best features that come with the award-worthy cameras from widely-lauded smart home company Arlo is the ability to link or unlink them from Google Home. Adding them is easy enough. But removing them, particularly if you want to remove one at a time — as we’ll discuss momentarily — can be more challenging.

Of course, there are plenty of reasons why you might need to do so. From problems with the cameras themselves or with the link between the accounts to a decision to use something else. For instance, if something has gone wrong with the features that should appear on your Google account for your Arlo camera. Or if you simply no longer need the cameras. For instance, if you’re opting to use the Arlo app but don’t need the Google Home app. Or if you just don’t want to use it for your Arlo cameras.

Whatever the reason, the process to unlink Arlo from Google Home is exactly what this guide is here to explain. If you want to remove and unlink your Arlo cameras from your Google Home ecosystem, this guide will help.


How to unlink Arlo cameras from your Google Home

Now, the best way to unlink Arlo cameras, individually, from your Google Home smart home isn’t going to be in the Google Home app. In fact, there’s no way to unlink Arlo cameras individually from the app at all.

That boils down to the fact that Arlo cameras are linked via a sync between an Arlo account and the Google Home app. So, to remove individual cameras, you’ll need to remove them from your Arlo app instead. Fortunately, we also have a guide covering how to do just that here. As well as other guides that might be useful for managing your smart home and more.

This process is, then, intended to show how you can unlink and remove your Arlo account — and, subsequently, your Arlo cameras as a whole — from the Google Home app. And it’s a fairly straightforward process to accomplish if you know where to look.


Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to remove an individual camera from your Google Home without removing all other gadgets from Arlo. And, subsequently, it also isn’t possible to remove one from your Google Home without removing it from your Arlo account and app. So this guide won’t be of much help to you if that is what you’re trying to do.

Otherwise, of course, for the first step, you’ll need to open up the Google Home application itself on your smartphone, tablet, or whatever device you’re using for your Google Home ecosystem.

Then you’ll need to select “Cameras” from the icons at the top of the home page UI. As shown in our sample images below, that’s typically near the center of the screen you’ll first see when opening the Google Home app.


Next, scroll through the list of preview cards as needed to find an Arlo camera. Then select the gear-shaped Settings icon from the top right-hand side of the camera’s UI. In this case, for this how-to guide, we’re using the “Cat Room” camera to unlink the Arlo account and devices from our Google Home account. But your camera will be named whatever you’ve called it during setup. And you won’t necessarily need to scroll if you don’t have many cameras set up.

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The number of options available for your Arlo camera, in Google Home at the very least, is limited. So the option you’re looking for, labeled “Unlink Arlo” is right on the initial page. Select that option.

Google will ask you to confirm your decision. Noting, as explained above, that this action will remove all of your Arlo devices from your Google Home. Select the “Unlink” option to start the process of removing the account link from your Google account.

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Once you’ve chosen to “Unlink” Arlo from your Google account and Google Home, you’ll need to re-confirm your choice. Then you’ll need to follow any remaining on-screen steps. We won’t cover those in minute detail here. Primarily because the process is brief, fairly straightforward, and well-explained in the app, from this point. So guidance beyond this point would, in fact, be redundant.

Once finished, Arlo will no longer be associated with your Google account. Or with your Google Home smart home ecosystem.