How to turn on Dark Mode on Samsung's Galaxy S23

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Dark Mode is a feature that a lot of people love on their phones and tablets, and even on their laptops. It’s because a lot of things look better in dark mode, versus a searing white background. Since a lot of us use our phones at night and in dark environments, dark mode makes a lot of sense. And on a phone like the Galaxy S23 Ultra which uses an AMOLED display, it also helps with battery life. You see, AMOLED displays light up pixels independently. So if the majority of pixels are black or darker, they use less power.

Not only that, but dark mode is also nicer on the eyes compared to light mode. But you might want to use light mode during the day, as it can be tougher to see outside when your phone is in dark mode. So it’s a good idea to use a schedule for dark mode, or add a toggle to the quick settings.


Here’s how you can turn on dark mode for the Galaxy S23.

How To Turn on Dark Mode on Galaxy S23

Open up the Settings app on your Galaxy S23 smartphone.

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Next, tap on Display.

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At the top of this screen, you’ll see “Light” and “Dark”. Tap on “Dark” to turn on dark mode for your device.

Now if you don’t want to have dark mode on 24/7, you can tap on “Dark mode Settings” and change there.

Within the dark mode settings, you can set a schedule.

There are two options for scheduling: Sunrise to Sunset, and a custom schedule.

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Sunrise to Sunset is the best option for most people, as you’ll use dark mode when it’s dark, and light mode when the sun is out. Like using your phone in direct sunlight.

That’s it. That’s just how easy it is to turn on dark mode, and even set up a schedule for dark mode.