How To Turn Off 5G (And Conserve Battery) On The OnePlus 9 Series

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While the carriers are all about hyping their 5G networks right now, and we’ve seen those blazing fast gigabit speeds on some networks, that speed isn’t available everywhere. And for the most part, 5G is about the same speed as 4G LTE in the majority of areas.

All while using up more battery on your smartphone. So it’s worth it to turn off 5G. This will conserve your battery on the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro (moreso on the OnePlus 9 Pro because it supports mmWave) and it could even help your data usage too.

Surprisingly, OnePlus does allow you to turn off 5G, though it’s not super straightforward. So we are here to help you turn off 5G on your OnePlus 9 smartphone. It’s worth noting that we have only confirmed this on the unlocked models. The T-Mobile model may not have this option, as carriers have been removing options for turning off 5G in recent months. So keep that in mind.


How To Turn Off 5G On The OnePlus 9 Series

Open up the Settings app on either the OnePlus 9 or the OnePlus 9 Pro.

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Tap on WiFi & Network.

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Next, tap on SIM & network settings.

turn off 5g oneplus 9


Towards the bottom of the screen, you should see an option that says “Preferred network type” tap on that.

turn off 5g oneplus 9

Here, you can switch from the default option of 2G/3G/4G/5G, to 2G/3G/4G. Or if you want to conserve more battery, you can choose 3G/3G or 2G only. But be careful with those two options as some carriers have turned off their 2G networks and soon turning off their 3G networks.


After you tap on that option, it might take a second to take effect. But then you’ll be all set.

The 2G/3G/4G option will automatically keep you on one of those networks. For the most part, you’ll be on the 4G network, unless you live out in the sticks and are stuck on 3G.