How To Transfer Your Xbox Series X|S Captures To Your Phone

Xbox Controller Share Button

In this day and age, sharing your favorite gaming moments is just as important for some to the gaming experience as the actual gaming, and Xbox has made this easy by allowing a nearly seamless transfer of your console captures to your phone.

From there, you can easily share the captures wherever you wish. On Twitter, through the Discord app, in a text message, virtually anywhere. If you weren’t aware that you could transfer your Xbox captures your phone, you can! And if you like to share those gaming moments with like-minded people, then you should transfer them. Because it’ll make the sharing process way easier. Not to mention more versatile.

It’s possible to do this sort of thing with other platforms too. Sony for instance just updated its PS App on mobile to show your captures as well. This only works for the PS5 though, whereas the Xbox captures can be saved from either the Xbox Series X|S or the Xbox One consoles.


So, how exactly do you transfer your Xbox captures to your phone for sharing purposes? This guide will walk you through the steps.

How to transfer your Xbox captures to your phone

Transfer Xbox Captures

First things first, you need to get the Xbox app from the Play Store installed on your phone. This is separate from the Game Pass app. Once you have it installed, you’re good to move forward.


Log in to the Xbox app on your phone with your main Xbox account (or any account you want to transfer the captures from)

Proceed to log in with your chosen Xbox account credentials and get the app up and running.

From the main screen, tap the library button

Once you’re on the main screen, tap the library button. You’ll find it in the bottom navigation bar.

Select the captures you want to download to your phone

Captures will actually be the first tab on the library page. You should see any captures that you saved during your game sessions. This includes both screenshots and video clips.


Tap the save button

Once you’ve selected a capture, tap the save button to download that capture to your phone. Any downloads will save automatically into Google Photos. Or whatever photos app you’re using for looking at all your images.

Share wherever you like

Now that you’ve got everything downloaded, you can easily share it anywhere. Whether that be social media, emails, texts etc.

Things to keep in mind

Now that you know how to transfer your Xbox captures, there are a few other things to keep in mind. Captures do sync automatically. Once you press the share button on your Xbox controller, those captures are saved to your console and then synced to your account.


You won’t have to do anything else. However, the captures won’t necessarily show up in your Xbox app right away. It may take a minute. So if you capture something and then immediately want to share it, you may find that you have to wait briefly for those to show up.

That being said, this won’t take long. Usually captures appear within a minute or so. And that’s basically it! Now you’re equipped to share all of your coolest gaming moments with others.