How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 AM AH 18

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is one of the newer phones from Samsung this year. It’s the first foldable that we think will really become mainstream. Partly because of the price, but also because of the form factor. It’s basically a regular-sized phone that folds in half. Unlike the Galaxy Z Fold 3 which is like having two phones that unfold for a larger tablet-sized display.

If you just bought the Galaxy Z Fold 3, then you are likely going to want to know how to take a screenshot with your new smartphone. The good news here is that it hasn’t really changed in the past few years for Samsung smartphones. You can still do it the usual way, but there are a few other ways that you can use to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

In this tutorial, we will go through all of the ways that you can take a screenshot on the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Samsung makes it super easy, no matter which method you choose.


How to take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

It’s pretty simple to take a screenshot on the Galaxy Z Fold 3, but it is a tiny bit different from other Android smartphones. So here’s how you do it.

Simply press the volume down and power button together. Press them for a short time, about a second.

Then let go, and you’ll see the animation for a screenshot. Along with a toolbar for editing and sharing your screenshot.


That’s literally it. You can crop, draw and more on your screenshot when you press the edit button on that toolbar. So you only share a part of your screen and not the entire thing.

The default settings on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will put you into the power menu if you press and hold the volume down and power buttons together. Which is why you need to only tap these together for a second. Otherwise, you’ll be taken to the power menu for powering off, restart or emergency call. You can change that in the settings.

Additional ways to take a screenshot

For Samsung smartphones, there are two other ways that you can use to take a screenshot. And that is also the case for the Galaxy Z Fold 3, making it easier to grab a screenshot. Here are those two ways.


Palm Swipe

This is a method that Samsung has had available for quite some time. But essentially, you can use your palm to swipe across the screen and grab an image. You will need to turn this on, and here’s how to do that:

Jump into Settings.

Tap on Advanced Features.


Screenshot 20210820 091019 Settings

Then tap on Motions and Gestures.

Screenshot 20210820 091024 Settings


You’ll see an option for “Palm swipe to capture”, it’ll be towards the bottom. Tap on the toggle there.

If you tap on the option it’ll give you more information on how this feature works.

And that’s it. It’s just that easy to enable Palm swipe to capture. Now this one can be a bit tricky on other Samsung smartphones, particularly the curved display phones. But since the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is not curved, it’s not as difficult. Just make sure to swipe from edge to edge. You can opt to do left-to-right or right-to-left.


This is likely not the easiest way to take a screenshot on the Galaxy Z Fold 3, but it is a different way of doing it.

Assistant Menu

Now, if neither of the above options work for you, particularly if you like to use your phone with one hand, this option is going to be great for you.

Head into Settings.


Then tap on Accessibility.

Screenshot 20210820 090927 Accessibility

Now tap on “Interaction and dexterity”

Screenshot 20210820 090934 Accessibility

Finally, tap on “Assistant Menu” and turn that on.

Screenshot 20210820 090944 Accessibility

This turns on a new Assistant Menu, which brings a floating button that can be moved virtually anywhere on the screen. When you tap on it, it will expand to show a number of different options, including your navigation buttons, power button, volume, screenshots, and more. Just tap on the “screenshots” button to take a screenshot.

This is a really great feature to have for doing other things on your phone too. Particularly if you can’t reach the top of the phone, or other parts of the phone. Especially since the Galaxy Z Fold 3 has such a tall Cover Display. And then there’s a lip on the main display. Making this a bit tougher.

Wrap Up

Samsung offers a ton of different ways to take screenshots on the Galaxy Z Fold 3. These will actually work on any Samsung smartphone. But it doesn’t mean you need to remember them all, or use them all. Samsung is just trying to make it super easy to take a screenshot. No matter what position you are in. Whether you’re younger or older.

It’s good to have choice here, which is what Android has always been all about. And likely will always be about. It’s why so many people prefer Android over iOS. Choice.

But these are the many different ways that you can take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. Unfortunately, it does look like Samsung removed the Screenshot quick setting on the Galaxy Z Fold 3. So you are unable to bring down the notification shade and tap a button to take a screenshot. Hopefully that’s something that comes back in the future, because it was a nice feature to have.