How To Snooze And Manage Snoozed Notifications In Android 12

00 how to snooze notifications Android 12

Learning how to snooze a notification in Android 12 can be incredibly useful. Especially if you’re seeing a lot of notifications during the day but don’t want those interrupting your day. But, of course, that’s not the only feature associated with notifications or snoozing in this version of Android either.

Users on Android 12 can also turn off snoozing entirely or view a history of snoozed notifications. The latter feature also includes a history of recent notifications that have been dismissed and more. Making it all the more useful for those with a bad habit of dismissing before reading.

So, if you’re looking to manage snoozing and notification history more efficiently in the new Android, like our other guides, this how-to can help. Read on.


Here’s how you can snooze a notification for later on Android 12

The first step to learning how to manage the snooze function in notifications on Android 12 is, of course, learning how to snooze them, to begin with. Fortunately, Android 12 makes this very easy. That is, just so long as you know where to look to snooze notifications and understand the icons in use.

  1. Swipe down from your notification shade to expand notifications
  2. On the desired notification, tap the down-facing chevron arrow icon on the desired notification to expand it. In our example images below, we’ve expanded the notification for a Nest camera alert. But the same process will be used for any notification that isn’t already expanded
  3. Within the expanded notification, locate the “Snooze” icon, found at the lower-right-hand side of the notification UI. That’s shaped like an old-fashioned alarm clock, with a “Z” in the center of the face. Tap the “Snooze” icon
  4. Android 12 snoozes notifications for one hour by default. So, upon tapping the snooze icon, the UI should be replaced with one that shows what is effectively a “blank” notification, which reads “Snoozed for 1 hour” accompanied by another down-facing chevron arrow icon. The time will be printed in bold.
  5. Tap on the down-facing chevron arrow icon to expand snooze options
  6. Android 12 presents three additional snooze options, including 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 2 hours. Select the length of snooze that will work best for what you need. In our example, we’d like to come to take another look at the footage in two hours. So that’s the option we’ve selected
  7. The snooze notification entry should now read “Snoozed for 2 hours”
  8. Android 12 will stop showing the notification once you leave the UI, returning it again once the time selected has elapsed
01 0 how to snooze notifications Android 12
01 0 how to snooze notifications Android 12

Here’s how you can see snoozed notifications in Android 12

If you want to see notifications you’ve hit snooze on recently early, or just catch a glimpse of how often you’re snoozing them, Android 12 has a solution for that too.

  1. Navigate to the Settings app. This can be accomplished via the app drawer and the Settings app or by swiping down and then swiping down again on your notification shade before tapping the gear-shaped Settings icon
  2. Scroll down and select “Notifications”
  3. Select “Notification history” from near the top of the corresponding menu
  4. Tap on the toggle next to “Use notification history” to turn notification history tracking on and see recently snoozed or otherwise interacted with notifications
  5. Notifications you snooze or dismiss will be shown categorically on this page. However, it’s worth noting that only notifications dismissed after enabling history will be shown here. And snoozed notifications can take some time to show up. So the notification snoozed in our example above doesn’t appear on this page in our example images below
02 how to snooze notifications Android 12
02 2 how to snooze notifications Android 12
02 how to snooze notifications Android 12
02 2 how to snooze notifications Android 12

…or turn notification snoozing off entirely

Now, you can also turn off notification snoozing entirely. And that may be for the best for those who have a hard time interacting with notifications or who just end up snoozing them all of the time and then miss notifications.

  1. Return to the “Notifications” page of the Settings menu, following steps one and two in the above guide
  2. Scroll to near the bottom of the page to locate the “General” settings submenu for notifications and the subsequent “Allow notification snoozing” toggle
  3. Tap to turn off the “Allow notification snoozing” toggle
  4. You’ll no longer be able to snooze notifications from the notification shade. You can turn the option back on by following the steps to find the toggle and reactivating it