How To Sign Up For Twitter Blue

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Twitter announced a new paid service, called Twitter Blue earlier this year. When it first launched, it was only available in New Zealand, however. Now, it is available in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Not quite available everywhere, but it is available in more countries and more people can now sign up. So here’s how you can sign up for Twitter Blue.

How To Sign Up For Twitter Blue

On your Twitter app, swipe in from the left to open the overflow menu. If you are on desktop, tap on the three dots icon next to More.

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Now you’ll see a new Twitter Blue option right in the middle. It stands out, as it has the Twitter logo there and it does not have the silhouette-looking icon like the other options there.

Here, you will be able to swipe through the different features that are available with Twitter Blue. That includes Undo Tweets, Ad-free News Articles, and much more.

Once you’re ready to sign up, just tap on the button at the bottom. Which tells you that it is $2.99 per month. It will take you through to pay, either through the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, depending on the platform you’re on.


And now you’re all set. You have subscribed to Twitter Blue. You can also cancel at any time.

What features are included in Twitter Blue?

You may be wondering, is Twitter Blue worth your $3 per month. And well, Twitter thinks it is. Here are the features that are included in the subscription service.

  • Undo Tweet: This allows you to undo a tweet, and edit it before it actually sends. It’s not quite editable tweets, but likely the closest we’ll get.
  • Reader: Twitter will now take threads and turn them into a more elegant reading experience. And as part of this, it also offers ad-free articles now. Kind of like how YouTube Premium takes out the ads, Twitter Blue does it too and shares some of its revenue with those publishers.
  • Customizing your Twitter Experience: Twitter has also added a few other features that can improve your Twitter experience. This includes Bookmark folders, custom navigation, and app icons & themes.
  • Twitter Labs: Finally, Twitter is starting up Twitter Labs. Basically, Twitter Blue users will be able to check out new, unreleased features first. Basically becoming guinea pigs for Twitter. Currently, these features include Pinned Conversations in your DM inbox, and being able to upload videos that are up to 10 minutes long.

Currrently, not all of these features are available on all platforms. Most are available on iOS, some are available on Android, and less are available on the web apps at Twitter.com.


That’s everything that Twitter Blue has to offer right now. That will likely change in the future. So is that enough to pay $3 every month? That’s entirely up to you. But if you are a heavy Twitter user, it might just be.