How To Sign Up For A Nest Aware Subscription

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Nest Aware is Google’s smart home subscription service, adding benefits to cameras, speakers, doorbells, and more. But how, exactly do you set up a Nest Aware account? Where is the feature located in the associated mobile apps and do you need to use a specific app to get started?

Those questions aren’t as uncommon as might be guessed or considered at any given moment. After all, both the Google Home and Nest app are a wealth of menus and submenus users must navigate in order to get to any of the available options. And Nest Aware, while not as deeply buried, is still among those.

Fortunately, that’s also exactly what this guide sets out to explain. So if you’re looking for a how-to guide to set up Nest Aware, the following walkthrough should point you down the right path. If you’re looking for a how-to to cancel Nest Aware, this other guide can help with that.


The cost of the sub brings significant benefits

Now, the benefits of a Nest Aware subscription are still there, regardless of which camera-enabled device you happen to own. Of course, there are also differences that bring fewer or more benefits based on which devices you have. For instance, the latest battery-powered devices don’t support 24/7 video recording. But the older devices and future Nest cameras will.

The battery-powered gadgets do gain 30-days of cloud storage for events with the subscription. And they don’t have that without the subscription.

So signing up is going to bring benefits that are well worth the relatively low cost, regardless of which devices you’re using. They’ll even bring similar benefits to Google Nest Hub Max. While smart speakers and other gadgets gain other benefits. For the latter devices, advanced audio detection for things like breaking glass and smoke alarms is added.


Here’s how to start up your Nest Aware subscription for your Nest Cameras and products

The setup for any individual Nest camera or other smart home product will differ. But the setup for the Nest Aware subscription will not. That’s going to be the same regardless of which products you’re using. And the setup, while possibly from virtually any platform, will be easiest from your phone. So that’s the method we’ll be covering here. Although it is similar to and possible to do so from a computer via the app or Nest site.

The process to get to the feature is also somewhat different, depending on the app you’re using. So we’ve split this guide into two — one for Google Home (for newer, battery-powered nest devices) and another for older gadgets. Regardless of which method you’re using, it’s a good idea to note that you’ll need to use the same account as is used for both apps.

Get to Nest Aware in the Google Home app

Of course, regardless of which app you’re using to sign up, getting Nest Aware is straightforward. But it’s not necessarily the most intuitive thing to do either. Especially if this is your first foray into a smart home or into learning how to interact with your smart home more deeply, since getting Nest Aware set up in either app is buried in the deeper menus.


Start by opening up the Google Home application. If you aren’t already signed in, you’ll need to go through that process. Effectively following the steps provided by Google for an initial setup. Then, the first place you should look for Nest Aware is among the “chips” at the top of the page. Those are highlighted in the images below. But, summarily, “chips” are Google’s branding for the pictured oval-surrounded options.

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Remember, you can also scroll horizontally through the chips if you don’t see the Nest Aware option available on the first page. But, if the option still doesn’t show up, you’ll need to select “Settings” instead. As shown in our sample image below.


Next, scroll down the page to the “Features” subheader.

Under “Features,” you should see an option that reads “Nest Aware.”


Select “Nest Aware” and Google Home will present you with a brief overview of what the subscription is and does. You’ll also be presented with an option to sign up for a “30-day trial.”

If you don’t see the 30-day trial option, you may have already used one before — or it may no longer be available. If that’s the case, select the option to start Nest Aware. Google Home will walk you through the remaining steps one by one. That will also include a brief explainer of the available subscription options.

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Get to Nest Aware in the Nest app

Now, getting to Nest Aware in the Nest app is easier still. Although, as noted above, if you’re signing up via the Nest app and you also use Google Home or another app for managing your smart home, you’ll want to use the same account across the board.

Having said that, the first step will be to open up the Nest app itself. Then you’ll want to sign in or set up a sign-in if prompted to.

Next, select the cog-shaped “Settings” icon in the top right-hand corner of the UI.


On the Settings page, scroll down near the bottom of the page. Select “Nest Aware” from the available options located there.

The Nest app will present you will a brief overview of the service, as in the Google Home app. Also, just like the Google Home app, you’ll be presented with a “Start free trial” button if a trial is available. But the bottom of the page, regardless — as long as you aren’t already subscribed to Nest Aware — will show an option to sign up.

Select that option. The Nest app will, just as with the Google Home app, walk you through the process of getting set up step by step. Including an explainer of the available subscription options.

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