How To Sign Up For Sony's PS5 System Software Beta Program

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Earlier this morning Sony announced its first-ever PS5 software beta program. Being a participant will allow you to test out col new features for the PS5 that Sony hasn’t rolled out to the public. But you will naturally need to register first before you stand a chance at being selected.

The good news is that you really only have to register once. Because Sony has confirmed that signing up to be a part of the first test will automatically register you for future tests in this program. If you haven’t signed up yet, doing so is rather quite easy. And if you’re not sure how or what to do, this simple guide will walk you through each of the steps.

There aren’t too many, so the whole process won’t take too long. There’s no guarantee that signing up early will give you better chances. But it can’t hurt to get the registration out of the way immediately. So you might as well do so if you have the opportunity.


Why sign up for the PS5 system software beta program?

There’s a pretty simple reason as to why you would want to sign up to participate. The testing of new features before other users get to access them.

Not so much so you can be a part of something others are not. But more so because you get to see what cool new features Sony is cooking up early. If that sounds like your cup of tea, then you’ll definitely want to throw your hat in the ring.

How to sign up for the PS5 system software beta program

There aren’t that many steps to the process, so we’ve broken them up into short individual sections below.


Head to PlayStation.com and sign in

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You’ll need to be signed into your PlayStation account for any of this to work and to matter. So start by heading to the PlayStation website and click the sign in button to get started.

Doing this now will save you the trouble of having to do it later. And even though it really doesn’t add that much extra time, if any, you may as well do it before anything else.


Go to the beta signup page

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Now that you’re signed into your PlayStation account, you can go to the beta signup page and register to be a part of the beta program. Remember that by doing so, you’re opting into participating in the beta program and testing out new software and features for the PS5 console.

As beta software can be unpredictable, you may run into issues with the console. So it’s recommended not to register if you aren’t comfortable with this detail. To go to the beta signup page, click this link.


Click on the button to register

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Once you’ve signed in and you’re on the registration page, simply click the Register Now button to opt into the beta program. You’ll need to check a box that says you acknowledge and agree to Sony’s terms of service for this program. And then that’s basically it for the signup process.

Requirements for being considered for the beta program

It should come as no surprise that Sony has a set of requirements that you will need to meet if you want to participate in the beta.


First off, you’ll need to be at least 18 years of age to take part in the beta. If you’re not, Sony likely will dismiss your registration request. Or it may send you additional things to acknowledge. Like a parent who may need to sign off on the participation. Sony isn’t exactly clear on this point. So just assume that if you aren’t 18 then you probably won’t be considered.

You’ll also need to be living or located in one of the supported regions that were mentioned above. In addition to the regional restrictions, you also need to have a valid PSN account. That account needs to be in good standing, meaning your account payment is current, and you need to have a valid email address tied to that account.

But, if your account is active in the first place, then you have a valid email account.


Lastly, Sony says that all participants need to submit complete and accurate feedback about the beta system software test. So be prepared to give Sony feedback on everything. As that’s the main point of Sony doing these kinds of tests in the first place.