How To Share A YouTube Music Playlist

How to share youtube music playlists AM AH

Streaming music services like YouTube Music are really incredible. Pay about $10 per month to stream millions of songs whenever you want. But what if you wanted to share a playlist you made on YouTube Music with some of your friends? Well you can do that as well, and YouTube Music makes it very simple to do just that.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how you can share a playlist from YouTube Music. As well as how to share individual songs, or add YouTube Music to your Snapchat Story. All of which are very easy to do, but if you’ve never done it before, it could be somewhat intimidating.

How to share a Playlist with YouTube Music

First, open the playlist that you’d like to share.


Next click on the menu icon next to the playlist. This icon will be three vertical dots.

Screenshot 20220318 120120 YouTube Music

Now click on the Share button. This will be an icon with an arrow going to the right.


Screenshot 20220318 120125 YouTube Music

From this screen, you are able to share your playlist across social networks, embed the playlist and even email it. So you can share it with virtually anyone.

Screenshot 20220318 120131 YouTube Music


That’s just how easy it is to share a playlist from YouTube Music. But what about individual songs? That is also possible.

How to share a song from YouTube Music

Open the YouTube Music app, and navigate to the song that you want to play.

Tap on the Menu button – this will look like an icon with three vertical dots.


Screenshot 20220318 120155 YouTube Music

Now select Share.

Screenshot 20220318 120158 YouTube Music


And that’s it. Pretty easy to share a song from YouTube Music.

How to share music to your Snapchat Story

Google has also made it easy to share your music from YouTube Music onto your Snapchat Story. Just open the app on your mobile device.

Play the song that you want to share.


Tap on the menu button, this is the vertical three dots button.

Next, tap on Share.

Screenshot 20220318 120209 YouTube Music


Make sure to tap on the Snapchat icon, and this will open the song in the Snapchat app.

Once you have the song open in Snapchat, there will be a clickable thumbnail image with album art from YouTube Music. From there you can edit your story using Snapchat features to add overlays on top of the thumbnail image. Once you’re finished, just share it with your followers, and you’re good to go.