How To Install & Set Up A New Philips Hue Bulb

Philips Hue AM AH

Philips Hue is hands down the best smart light brand out there right now. It’s easy to use, has almost no issues, and is super easy to set up. Not to mention the fact that it also works with all of the smart home ecosystems. That includes Google Home/Assistant, Amazon Alexa and even Apple’s Siri/Homekit. So no matter what platform you are using, you can use Philips Hue. And that’s what makes it so impressive.

Philips Hue is always expanding its ecosystem, adding more lights, bulbs, and other lighting fixtures. So you’re likely always looking to add more Hue lights to your home.

If you just picked up a new Philips Hue product, you may need some help adding it to your existing Philips Hue ecosystem. It’s pretty simple to do actually. And that’s what we’re going to walk you through today. How to set up and install your new Philips Hue lights or bulb.


How to install and set up a new Philips Hue Bulb

Firstly, you’ll want to install the new bulb in your home. Whether that’s in a light socket or a lamp. And turn it on.

Next, open your Philips Hue app.

Screenshot 20211209 111846 Medium


Then tap on the Settings tab on the right.

From there, tap on Lights.

Screenshot 20211209 111849 Medium


At the very top of the screen, there is a blue plus sign, tap on that button.

Screenshot 20211209 111854 Medium

On this next screen, you can choose to have it search or use the serial number. Tap on Search.


It’ll now start to search for your lights. If it is unable to find them, it’s a good idea to try using the serial number.

Screenshot 20211209 112018 Medium

After it has found your light, it’ll ask to name it, and give it an icon.


Screenshot 20211209 112305 Medium

And that’s it. Your brand new smart light bulb from Philips Hue is all set up. You will be able to add it to a room later on.