How To Set Up 'Do Not Disturb' on Google Pixel 6

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Do Not Disturb is one of those features that everyone should be using on their phone, and we’re going to explain all the options on the Pixel 6.

It’s such a great feature, and now that Google has added a bunch of other options to the settings section, it makes it more useful for other things other than just while you’re asleep. But also while you’re in a meeting, or even gaming. I use it quite a bit actually. I use it for meetings, while I’m sleeping and even when I’m playing games. It’s just such a great feature and so great at limiting those interruptions. Not to mention the fact that you can schedule it too.

So in this tutorial, we’ll explain the different settings that are available for Do Not Disturb, as well as explaining the two different ways that you can turn Do Not Disturb on and off. So you’ll be able to make the most out of Do Not Disturb on your Google Pixel 6.  


How to set up ‘Do Not Disturb’ on Google Pixel 6

Do Not Disturb now has a few options associated with it. So it’s a bit more than just turning it on or off. Now, you are able to say who and what apps can interrupt you in Do Not Disturb, as well as setting schedules for it. So we’re going to go over all of that here.

First off, here’s how you can get to the Do Not Disturb settings:

  • Open the Settings App.
    Screenshot 20211104 101332
  • Scroll down to Sounds & Vibrations and tap on that.
    Screenshot 20211104 101337
  • Next, tap on “Do Not Disturb”.
  • Here’s where you’ll find all of the settings we’ll be explaining below.

What can interrupt Do Not Disturb

In this first section, you can choose People, Apps, Alarms & other interruptions for Do Not Disturb. Under People, you can choose people in your contacts that can call or message you and they’ll still get through your Do Not Disturb. You can choose from Conversations, Calls and Messages.


Next up is Apps. Here, you can add apps that can interrupt you. Perhaps Messages and Phone can interrupt you, in case something is happening that needs your immediate attention.

do not disturb pixel 6

Then we have Alarms & other interruptions. You can choose to turn off your Alarms here, so they will not go off while Do Not Disturb is on. There are also toggles for Media sounds, Touch sounds, Reminders and Calendar Events. By default they are all off, except for Media sounds. So you can still watch YouTube.



Now, we move onto schedules. Here you can schedule different Do Not Disturb settings for different schedules. By default, Google has three available: Sleeping, Event and Gaming. You can add more, and add as many as you want.

Screenshot 20211104 101519

If you tap on the gear icon next to each one, you can adjust the settings. Like when these schedules start. You can choose the days, and this is actually really nice. Because Google doesn’t just leave it to weekdays or weekends. But you can choose Tuesday and Thursday if you wanted.


Screenshot 20211104 101643

Next you can choose when it starts and ends. As well as whether Alarms can override, and the Do Not Disturb behavior. You can create custom settings for each schedule if you like. Which is basically the settings we talked about earlier.


Surprisingly, the most general options are at the bottom of the screen here. But these include the duration for Quick Settings, and the Display options for hidden notifications.


The Duration for Quick Settings is pretty easy. There’s a toggle in the Quick Settings for turning on Do Not Disturb. When you hit that toggle, you can choose to have it on until you turn it off, set it for a specific time (which you can edit here), or ask how long every time.

Screenshot 20211104 101947

Then finally, we have the Display options for hidden notifications. These would be notifications that are not exempt from Do Not Disturb. There are three options here, you can use No sound for notifications which will still show them on your screen. You can choose no visuals or sound from notifications, so you won’t see them until you turn off Do Not Disturb.


Screenshot 20211104 102137

And finally there’s custom. This has a few different options, like what to do when the screen is off and when it is on.

How to turn on Do Not Disturb

As with most common things in Android, there are multiple ways to turn on Do Not Disturb. There are two main ways here, which include using the settings app, and using Quick Settings toggles. We’ll go over both of those here.


Using the Settings app

With the Settings app, you are able to turn on or off Do Not Disturb by doing the following:

  • Open the Settings App.
  • Scroll down to Sounds & Vibrations and tap on that.
  • Next, tap on “Do Not Disturb”.
    Screenshot 20211104 101339
  • Then tap the “Turn on now” button at the top.

Using Quick Settings

By default, Do Not Disturb is one of the top four toggles in Quick Settings, so you will see it even if you do not pull down the notification shade twice.

Screenshot 20211104 102451

Just tap on the “Do Not Disturb” toggle. And you’re now in Do Not Disturb. This will last for either a set amount of time, or until you turn it off. It depends on the options you choose for it. But by default, it does this until you turn it off.