How To Set Up Cross-Play And Co-Op In Diablo Immortal

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Diablo Immortal has a great campaign but it can be even better with friends, which is why cross-play and co-op are among our favorite features. For all of the game’s faults with micro transactions, the story of the game is still fun to play. The combat is good. And the ability to use cross-play and play co-op Diablo Immortal with friends makes the experience better.

So, if you’re looking to take up arms in Sanctuary and fight for humanity alongside your buddies, we’ll walk you through it. The process is quite simple and once you’ve got it down, you’ll be slaying demons with an ally or two by your side in no time.

It helps of course that Blizzard makes cross-play and co-op extremely easy. Here’s what you need to do to get started.


How to set up cross-play in Diablo Immortal

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Since this is a Blizzard game, it has the ability to log in with your Battle.net account. And this what both cross-play and co-op hinge on. Your options for logging into the game though are twofold. You can log in with your Battle.net account, or you can log in as a guest. However, logging in as a guest won’t allow you to carry your progress over between platforms. Nor will it allow you to play with your friends.

So to start, you’ll want to be logged in with your Battle.net account to use these social features.


Launch Diablo Immortal

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Begin by launching Diablo Immortal on your chosen platform. Whether that’s on PC or through the app on Android or iOS.

Tap on the “Guest” avatar icon

As soon as the game loads into the main menu screen, you’ll see an avatar for “guest” in the top left corner. Tap on that to bring up the login box with two options.


Tap the log in button

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Since you’re wanting to use cross-play and co-op in Diablo Immortal, tap the log in button. This will take you to the screen where you enter your Battle.net account username and password.

Alternatively, you can create an account first if you don’t already have one.


Select your server

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After you log in with your Battle.net account, you’ll be given the choice to select a server. Selecting the right server is important because while there is cross-play and co-op, there is no cross-server play. Which means you will need to be on the same server as the friends you want to play with. You cannot move your characters to another server either.

So if you ever start on a different server after you’ve created a character and played with it, you’ll need to start a brand-new character on that new server. All that said, make sure you coordinate with friends which server you’re all wanting to choose. Then choose the same one.


After the server selection, you’re basically good to go for cross-progression. Now just create a character and get into the game. And from there, anytime you log in regardless of the platform, you’ll be on the server you chose initially and your character progress will be there.

Using co-op to play with friends

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Now that you have your cross-play and cross-progression set up, you can start using the co-op feature to slay some demons with friends across the land of Sanctuary. This is almost easier than logging in. Keep in mind you’ll need to have some friends in your friends list to add them to a party. That is unless you use the party finder feature which is a whole other thing entirely that pairs you up with random players after you apply to be added to a group, and presuming you get accepted.


Tap on the friend icon next to your character avatar

Tap on the friend icon that sits next to your character avatar in the top left corner of the UI. This will open up the party screen.

Tap on the + button to add a friend from your list

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Now that you’re on the party screen, tap on the + button to add a friend from your friends list to your party. You can have up to three people with you in a party at any given time.


Select the friend from your list that you want to add

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Once you have the friends list open, there’s another + button next to each friend’s name and avatar. Tap on the friend you’re trying to group up with and this will send an invite to them. Even if they’re not in-game they will receive an invite to come play.

And that’s basically it for setting up co-op. Now you can party up whenever you want and do most content in the game with your friends. Although, there will be some quests that will include solo stories and these will force you to do them alone. You should however still be able to do dungeons with your co-op group and any other content that allows for multiple players. Such as raids and PvP.

Check the party finder

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If none of your friends are online or simply don’t want to play, you can use the party finder option to find groups for activities. Or you can create one yourself and people can apply to join it. Keep in mind that if you apply to join a party, these are for specific activities that people are wanting to do. If there are no parties for the activity that you’re trying to complete, you will need to create a party and wait for people to apply to join, then accept those requests as you see fit.

The party finder button is located in the menu. To get to it, tap the hamburger menu button in the top right corner. It sits just above your character/inventory button that looks like a backpack.

From there, the party finder menu is towards the bottom. Tap on that and you will see activities for All, Other, Dungeons, and Zones. Or Create Post if you’re creating a party for others to join.

Consider setting up a Warband

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Lastly, you can also set up a Warband if you’re always going to be playing with the same group of friends. Warbands can have up to eight players. So even if you have three friends with you, you can still have up to four more people join that Warband. This will limit you to certain activities though. As not all content can be played with that many players.

Alternatively, you and your friends can apply to an already made Warband if there is one with four or more spots open. Joining a Warband also has its benefits. You can get more rewards from activities and additional loot and chests.