How To Record Every Game Of Your Favorite Teams On fuboTV

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fuboTV has just added a new feature that will allow you to automatically record every game of your favorite team(s). So you won’t have to miss a minute of the action, and can watch it later on.

This is a new feature, and it is not available to all users just yet. fuboTV says it is available for some users, and will roll out more widely in the coming weeks. It is very similar to a feature that YouTube TV has, where you can record individual games, all games for a particular team and even all games for a particular sport.

fuboTV added a similar feature for TV shows in 2019. Where users have the ability to record the entire season instead of just individual episodes.


This is a big deal for fuboTV, and a bit surprising it took this long to actually become available. Seeing as fuboTV is marketed as the live TV service for sports fans. It has hundreds of sports-oriented channels. Including those that most other services do not have. But it is better late than never.

How to record your favorite teams on fuboTV

It’s fairly simple to record games for your favorite teams on fuboTV.

Firstly, find a game with the team that you’d like to record. You can find it via search, the home screen, guide or in the sports screen. It can be live or scheduled for some time in the future.

fuboTV: Finding a game to record

Next, select the recording options.

tvOS RecordingOptions FolllowTeams
fuboTV: Recording Options

Now select the team you would like to record. You can record all of that team’s games or the individual game you chose.

tvOS TeamSelect FollowTeams
fuboTV: Select your team

After the game has been recorded, you’ll be able to see it in your recordings, as you’d expect.

tvOS TeamFolder FollowTeams
fuboTV: Scheduled games

It’s just that easy to make sure that you’ll never miss another game. This is particularly great now with the MLB season going on. And there’s tons of games available every single day.

How to cancel recordings for a specific team

If you no longer want to see every game recorded, for a specific team, it is pretty simple to cancel it.

Go to Recordings in your fuboTV app.


Then select the “Scheduled” option on the left side.

Now click or tap on your team there.

From here, you can choose to unschedule, or stop recording altogether. Choose the “stop recording <team name>” option to fully remove those games from your library.

tvOS Unschedule FollowTeams
fuboTV: Stop recording games

And it’s just that easy to remove team recordings from your queue of recordings. This is particularly useful if you need to save some space on your DVR. Since fuboTV does not offer unlimited cloud DVR storage for any of its plans.

fuboTV doesn’t have unlimited DVR

Keep in mind that fuboTV does not have an unlimited DVR. So you will need to be careful with what teams you record, as older content will be removed to make room for the new recordings.

On the “Starter” plan, you do get 250 hours of cloud DVR storage, which is actually a pretty good amount of storage, when you think about it. You can upgrade to 1000 hours for $16.99 per month. But at that price, it’ll be smarter to just upgrade to the Elite plan which is $79.99 per month and includes 1000 hours of cloud DVR storage. And it gives you more channels, as well as unlimited screens.


This is one feature that YouTube TV still has over the entire industry. No other streaming TV service offers unlimited DVR, but fuboTV does seem to have the most generous one, besides YouTube TV. As others offer between 10 and 100 hours of cloud DVR included. Whereas, fuboTV gives you 250.

Thankfully, it is rather easy to remove a team’s games from your DVR for future recordings too. That way you can save some space on your Cloud DVR, since it is not unlimited.

Cloud DVR 250 vs 1000

Is it really worth it to upgrade to the Cloud DVR 1000? If you record a lot of content, or share fuboTV with a few other people, then yes, it is totally worth it.


However, we would urge you not to do the add-on upgrade for Cloud DVR. We feel that the upgrade to “Elite” is the better option. It’s only $15 more per month, compared to the Starter plan. So that’s $2 cheaper. And you get Cloud DVR 1000, plus unlimited screens and an additional 54 channels to watch on your fuboTV subscription. Making it definitely worth the upgrade.

Wrap Up

This feature can be very useful if you’re a die-hard Lakers fan, or need to see every game of the Brooklyn Nets, and you’re not home or where you can sit down and watch them all. Even though fuboTV has lost most of the regional sports networks, so  a lot of teams won’t be available on fuboTV to record. Like its competitors, fuboTV has lost access to the Fox Sports regional networks – which Sinclair has now rebranded to Bally Sports. AT&T and NBC regional sports networks are still available. But there are very few of those available.

The only downside to this feature is that there is not an unlimited cloud DVR option available on fuboTV. So you do need to think about what you’re recording, with this feature. As you may run out of space if you are recording a lot of games. Especially football games, which can be four hours or longer. Which would use up your 250 hours of cloud storage in about 63 games. And that’s if you only recorded football games and nothing else.

Luckily, fuboTV did make it very easy to start and stop recording these teams. So if you only watch a specific team through the playoffs, or say you want to see your alma matter through the NCAA Tournament, you can turn on recordings for that portion of the year and then turn them off later on.

It’s a great feature to have, and it comes without a price increase, which is always nice.