How To Power Off And Restart Your PS5

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The PS5 like any current console hardware has the capability to power off and restart. You can even put it into rest mode if you so desire and aren't worried about the potential bug some people faced with it early on.

And as simple as it may be for some to find how to power off the PS5 or restart it, there may be someone out there that isn't quite sure how to do so. If that's the case, not to worry.

This short and handy guide will go through the ways on how to do both. There's really only two ways too. So you won't have to deal with an overwhelming amount of methods.


How To power off the PS5 and restart it

You can power the PS5 off either with the physical keys or in the system software itself. Either is a relatively easy method for making sure the console is no longer on and running.

Let's start with using the physical button.

Power off the PS5 with the physical power button

It might seem very straightforward, but a quick simple tap on the power button doesn't actually power the PS5 off. Now, if you have the disc edition of the console, then the power button is the bottom of the two. While the other is the eject button for ejecting discs.

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If you have the digital edition of the console then there's only one button on the front, and that's the power button.

To power off either version of the PS5, press and hold down the power button for a few seconds. What you're waiting for is the sound of two beeps. Holding it down for one second will result in a single beep, and this is for putting the PS5 into rest mode. Which you may not want to use right now as it might still cause an issue that prevents you from botting the PS5 back on.

That being said, it's worth reiterating that you want to be sure to hold down the power button until you hear two beeps. Which should be exactly three seconds. After the second beep, you can let go. And then the TV or monitor should say "preparing to power off your PS5."


Power off the PS5 or restart it with the controller

The other method for powering off the PS5, which is the same method you use to restart the PS5, is by using the controller.

Press the PS button on the DualSense controller to bring up the quick menu. All the way to the right you'll see the power button icon. Scroll over to and click that and you'll have options pop up for powering off and restarting the PS5.

There will also be the option to put the PS5 into rest mode.


Using the physical button to boot into Safe Mode

If you notice that your PS5 is having some weird issues, one thing you could try to fix the problem is a factory reset. But to do that you'll want to boot the PS5 into safe mode.

If the PS5 is already off, then you can tap the button quickly to power it back on. But if you press and hold it down while you're powering it on, the PS5 will boot into safe mode instead. If you ever think you might need to do a factory reset on your PS5, boot it up this way. Though hopefully you'll never have to do that.

You can also just tap the PS button on the DualSense controller to power it on.