How To Play Xbox Games On Your Android Phone With Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass Android

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate now includes cloud gaming, which means you can play Xbox games on your Android smartphone or tablet.

You’ll need a few things to make sure this works right, but once you meet those requirements you can play many of your Xbox Game Pass favorites on your Android device no matter where you are.

Previously known as xCloud, cloud gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a great way to experience the future of Xbox. Though, it’s only part of Microsoft’s vision for that future. If you’re not sure how to get Xbox games on your Android device, this guide will walk you through each step. And from here on out, playing Xbox games on your Android device with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate couldn’t be any easier.


How to play Xbox Games on your Android device using Xbox Game Pass

Eager to play a bunch of awesome Xbox games on your mobile device? We were too. Which is why we wanted to help you get everything set up and ready to go.

Set up an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription

Xbox Game Pass Signup

Before you can start diving into your favorite Xbox games, you’ll need the subscription.


Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is $15 a month, so you may want to consider if you’re going to be using it for more than just cloud gaming. And if not, then consider whether $15 a month is worth it to you to get cloud gaming on your Android device through Game Pass.

In either case, this will be the first step. You can set up your subscription here if you don’t already have one. In addition to cloud gaming, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has a few other benefits too.

You can also use it to play Xbox games on your PC as well as your Xbox console. Assuming you have one of or both of those. One thing to keep in mind is that the PC and console games lists are slightly different than that of the cloud gaming list.


As you’ll actually have a few games that can be played on either Xbox One or PC, but not via the cloud gaming option. It also comes with a Xbox Live Gold at no extra charge (normally it’s $9.99), and you get additional exclusive perks and discounts.

Choose which Android device to play on and install the Xbox Game Pass app

Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Game Pass on Android supports a wide variety of devices. Both smartphones and tablets are included here. It’s worth mentioning though that if you have more than one option available to you, give it some thought on which one to use.


Depending on how you plan to play, this may factor in to which device is the best option. For example, the controller you plan to use might be best-suited for a tablet.

If you’re using something like the Razer Kishi (or plan to), then you’ll need the phone to fit that controller. It will also need to have a centered USB-C port on the bottom and not one that’s off-centered. For instance, the ROG Phone II. This has an off-centered USB-C port, so it can’t be used with the Razer Kishi unfortunately.

Take these things into consideration, then decide on which device to install the app onto.


Sign into Xbox Game Pass on your Android device

Once you have the app installed, launch it and sign into your Xbox account. This should only take a couple of minutes, probably less.

After you’ve signed in, you’re nearly done and will be playing Xbox games in no time. Provided you can settle on one to dive into. There’s a pretty large list of options, so choosing might be harder than you think.

At least it always is for me at first.


Connect the controller

Razer Kishi Review 1

Regardless of whatever you’re controller you’re using, connect it either before you launch the app or after you launch the game. If you launch the game first, it will tell you to connect a controller. If you’re using something like the Razer Kishi, simply slot the phone into it and you’re good to go.

There’s no need for a Bluetooth connection because the controller is technically wired. It plugs directly into your Android smartphone, which is how Razer could achieved giving it ultra-low-latency.


If you’re using something like the Xbox wireless controller, then connect it to your phone through Bluetooth like you would any other gamepad that you would use with mobile games. Or just like any other Bluetooth device in general.

In this case, you may want to connect the controller first. So you don’t have to back out of the app to do so after you launch the game.

Play on Wi-Fi or mobile data

Xbox Game Pass Android Wi Fi 2
Xbox Game Pass Android Wi Fi 1
Xbox Game Pass Android Wi Fi 2
Xbox Game Pass Android Wi Fi 1

With everything else out of the way, there’s not much left to do besides find a game to play and launch it.

There are some other things worth considering though. Think about whether or not you want to play on Wi-Fi or mobile data. You can also set the app to allow game streaming on Wi-Fi connections only.

To get to that setting, launch the app and then tap on your account icon at the bottom. It’s the button in the middle of the three.

Then, tap on the settings button in the top right corner. After you’re in the settings menu, scroll to the App Settings section and find Network at the bottom of it. Tap on that, and then tap on the toggle for using Wi-Fi only to enable this feature.

This will make it so that you can only play games via the cloud gaming option when you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network. Which in turn will be much easier on your mobile data plan.

You can always go back here and toggle this off too. Should you ever want to play games when connected to your mobile connection. You may not always have a Wi-Fi network near by. So this option will be useful from time to time.

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