How to pair a PS5 DualSense Controller to the iPad

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Apple added support for Xbox and PlayStation controllers to the iPad back in 2019. Which really makes the iPad a pretty impressive gaming tablet. Especially with Apple Arcade now being available with some big time games, like NBA 2K23. So you can game on your iPad on the go, with a DualSense controller, which is pretty sweet.

Today, we’re going to show you exactly how you can pair your PS5 DualSense Controller with the iPad, as it turns out, it’s actually pretty easy to do. And once you pair it with your iPad, you’ll be able to turn on your controller and automatically connect again. This also works for your Apple TV and iPhone too. All of which have some pretty impressive chipsets inside. That are great for gaming as well as the usual apps like Twitter and TikTok.


With that said, here’s how you can pair your PS5 DualSense controller to your iPad. This will work on any iPad running iOS 13 or later.

How to pair a PS5 DualSense Controller to the iPad

To get started, get your DualSense controller and your iPad together.

On your iPad, head into Settings. Then tap on Bluetooth.

Now on your DualSense controller, find the Share button and the PS button. Hold both of those down for 3 seconds. This will put your controller into pairing mode.

Now, back to your iPad, you should see your DualSense controller appear on the Bluetooth screen. Just tap on it to pair.

And voila! Your DualSense Controller is now paired to your iPad, so you can now play games like NBA 2K23 on your iPad with a proper controller. Some games won’t work with controllers, but a good number of the Triple A games will work really well with a controller, and also offer up options to switch up the buttons if need be.


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