Want To Mute An Account On Twitter? Here's How You Can

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We’ve all been annoyed by posts from a fellow Twitter user’s account. But sometimes we don’t have the luxury of being able to block the account. Although that’s not the only way to silence an account. Whether for personal or professional reasons, that’s the purpose of this guide, in fact. Here, we’ll show you exactly how to mute an account on Twitter. And you don’t even need Twitter Blue to get it done.

Now, a “mute” on Twitter isn’t quite the same as learning how to block a user on the platform. Not least of all, because a mute just puts a stop to an account showing up in your feed. As opposed to silencing them entirely. And, of course, you won’t get notifications from the user either. Which can be useful. Particularly if you don’t want to remove somebody entirely or clue them in about having been silenced. Since a mute also won’t notify the fellow Twitter user that they’ve been silenced. An outright block will.

Blocking, of course, is easy enough too. And if you want to accomplish that, you can follow the steps below. We’ll include a note in the steps for how to block since the process is so similar. But, as with all of our how-to guides for services and apps, there are a few differences between desktop and mobile platforms. And to that end, this guide will include steps for both.


With that said, without further ado, let’s take a look at how to mute an account entirely on Twitter.

So you want to mute a fellow user’s account on Twitter? Here’s how

Now, it bears noting again what, precisely, a mute on Twitter is, before we continue on to how exactly one is implemented. As defined by Twitter, the difference between a block and a mute is fairly straightforward.

Namely, a blocked user can’t see your profile at all while logged into their account. And, depending on your privacy settings, they can’t see when they’re logged out either. Although they may be able to still if they log in with a different account. Muting, conversely, allows the muted user to follow you and see everything you tweet or retweet.


They’ll still be able to message, retweet, favorite, and quote you. But you won’t see them in your Twitter feed. Just as with words and phrases you’ve muted.

Mute an account on mobile

  1. Open the Twitter app
  2. Tap the magnifying glass-shaped Search icon at the bottom of the page
  3. In the search field, on the resulting page, search for a user you’d like to mute. If you’re already following a user you’d like to mute, simply navigate to your profile via a tap on the profile image at the top left-hand side of the UI. Then select “Following” or “Followers” depending on which category they fall into. Then continue this guide
  4. Select the profile
  5. Choose the three-dot icon at the top right-hand side of the UI, on the user profile
  6. Select the option that reads “Mute” — or “Block” if you’d prefer that instead
  7. Confirm your decision on the pop-up page. Or cancel, if you’ve changed your mind
  8. Rinse and repeat for any other profiles you’d like to mute — or block — on Twitter
01 1 how to mute account Twitter DG AH 2022
01 1 how to mute account Twitter DG AH 2022

…or on desktop

  1. Navigate to Twitter.com in your favorite browser — or in a mobile browser in desktop mode
  2. Using the search bar at the top right-hand side of the UI, search for the Twitter user account you’d like to mute. As with the mobile version. You can also use the person-shaped icon in the left-hand sidebar to find a follower or somebody you’re following to mute then proceed to the next step
  3. Select the user profile you’d like to mute
  4. In the space to the right of their profile information, select the three-dot overflow menu for the profile
  5. Select the “Mute” option to mute the user account. Otherwise, again as with the mobile variant, you can also choose “Block,” instead
  6. Unlike the mobile version, there won’t be any confirmation page for desktop Twitter. Instead, you should see a toast message, informing you the user account has been blocked
  7. Rinse and repeat for any remaining accounts you’d like to mute on Twitter
02 1 how to mute account Twitter DG AH 2022
02 3 how to mute account Twitter DG AH 2022
02 4 how to mute account Twitter DG AH 2022
02 1 how to mute account Twitter DG AH 2022
02 3 how to mute account Twitter DG AH 2022
02 4 how to mute account Twitter DG AH 2022

To un-mute — or unblock — a user

Simply follow the steps above for your preferred platform. Then, in step xx (for the mobile platform) or step xx (for desktop), select Unmute or Unblock instead. Those options should be in place in exactly the same place as the mute or block button were prior to following this guide.