How To Link Your PlayStation Account To Discord

PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller

As of the end of January it’s been possible to link your PlayStation account to your Discord account. While there’s still no Discord text chat or voice chat on PlayStation, you can link your PlayStation account to your Discord account so your friends know when you’re playing games on your PS4 or PS5, and what you’re playing.

The account linking also enables friends to see how long you’ve been playing a particular game. Of course, whether you want to link this account information is up to you. And whatever you decide, it’s always possible to go back and change it again. Whether that’s to toggle it on or toggle it off.

If you have yet to link your PlayStation account to your Discord account, we can easily walk you through the process. Plus mention a couple of things that need to be done in order for this new feature to function properly. With that being said, let’s get into it so you can proudly display your PlayStation activity to your Discord friends.


How To Link Your PlayStation To Your Discord Account

Discord x PlayStation

First things first, if you want to show your PlayStation activity on Discord so you’re friends know what you’re playing, you will need to adjust your privacy settings. Make sure to do this beforehand. That way you don’t forget like I did and wonder why activity wasn’t displaying correctly.

Start by adjusting your PSN privacy settings

On your PlayStation, you’ll need to adjust your PSN privacy settings. Or at least, you may need to. But just to be sure. Here’s what you need to do. First, boot up your PS4 or PS5 and then go to the settings menu. Then, look for Users & Accounts.


Open up the Privacy settings menu

Inside Users & Accounts, you’ll see an option for Privacy. Open this menu to adjust the settings if needed. Or confirm that your privacy settings are already set to what they need to be.

Select View and Customize Your Privacy Settings

Now inside the Privacy menu, select View and Customize Your Privacy Settings which is at the top.

Set your PSN Online Status and Now Playing visibility

Now you just need to make sure that your PSN online statis visibility and now playing visibility are set to Anyone. This will allow Discord to show your status and what you’re playing. And if these are set to friends only or private, the information will not show up in Discord.


With that out of the way, you can move on to the Discord step of this whole process. Also keep in mind that by setting the visibility to anyone, it opens up the ability for anybody on PlayStation to see what you’re playing as well. If you don’t want that being public information, then you won’t be able to show on Discord what you’re playing.

You can still link the accounts, but nothing will be displayed to your Discord friends.

Connect Your PlayStation Account

With the above out of the way, the last thing you need to do is connect your PlayStation and Discord accounts.


Launch Discord and head to the User Settings menu

Once you have Discord launched, head to the user settings menu. To get to user settings on PC, simply click the cog button in the bottom right corner of the Direct Messages list, which sits to the left of the Discord app’s chat box. If you’re accessing user settings from the Discord app on mobile, tap your profile avatar to get into the user settings menu.

Open the Connections menu

From user settings, you’ll see a small list of things you can adjust for the user portion of Discord. This includes My Account, User Profile, Privacy and Safety, Authorized Apps, and Connections. Enter the Connections menu as this is where you want to be.

Inside this menu, click on the PlayStation icon that will be listed along with the other Connections options.


Sign in to your PlayStation account

This is it. The final step. After this your PlayStation account will be connected to Discord. Sign in to your PlayStation account using the browser window that appears after you clicked (or tapped if you’re on mobile) the PlayStation icon from the Connections menu.

Once you’re logged in, you’re good to go. Your PlayStation account is connected to Discord and your activity will show up in Discord for your friends and community members.

Now that this is all finished, be aware of the two new PlayStation toggles in the Connections menu you can enable and disable. To display what you’re currently playing you’ll need to have the Display PlayStation Network as Your Status toggle enabled. If this is turned off then friends won’t see what you’re currently playing.


That being said, we would just keep both toggled on if you want this information displayed.

Will Discord chats ever be available on PlayStation?

It’s hard to say. Last year Sony announced a partnership between PlayStation and Discord. But at the time it didn’t say anything about what that partnership included. Fast forward to this year, and Discord made the announcement about the account linking. Again though, nothing was mentioned about actually being able to use Discord on PlayStation consoles.

For those that play cross-play multiplayer games via PlayStation but still want to use Discord for chat with friends on other platforms, hopefully this is something that’s in the works. For now, you’ll need to have the app open on either your PC or your mobile device.