How To Keep Some Of Your Twitter Data Out Of Advertisers' Hands

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To keep Twitter free for everyone, the company shares our data with advertisers. And last year, they started sharing even more of our data with advertisers. But the good news is, that you can control or limit how much data is shared with the advertisers. Unfortunately, you can’t keep all your information away from advertisers.

And today, we’re going to show you how you can control some of this data from getting into the hands of advertisers.

How To Keep Some Of Your Twitter Data Out Of Advertisers’ Hands

You can alter these settings by either going into the mobile Twitter app (on Android or iOS) or via Twitter’s website.


On the Twitter app, tap on Settings and Privacy, then Privacy and Safety and then Personalization and Data. If you are doing it from the browser, click on this link.

There are quite a few options here that you can deselect.

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Twitter: Personalization & Data

Now you can deselect each option here, or all of them. Like I’ve done above. This will stop a lot of data from being shared with advertisers by Twitter. But before we go further, let’s break down each option so you have a better idea of what they are.


Personalized Ads

As Twitter notes, you will always see personalized ads based on your Twitter activity. But when this is enabled, Twitter may further personalize these ads. And it will use data from on and off Twitter.

There are also two other options in this section, “Personalize based on your inferred identity” and “Personalize based on the places you’ve been”. These are pretty self-explanatory. Personalize based on your inferred identity will personalize based on the inferences of your identity, like the browsers and devices you have used for Twitter. Or your email and other accounts you have connected to your Twitter account. Personalize based on the places you’ve been, will personalize based on where you signed up and where you are now – if you have current location on.


With these last two options, you’d be allowing Twitter to keep track of your visits to other websites that integrate with Twitter content. That includes embedded tweets and timelines.


Finally, Twitter always shares your information with business partners, as that is how they are able to keep the platform running. But when this option is enabled, Twitter is able to share additional information with their partners.

The bottom line

The bottom line here is, if you don’t like seeing personalized ads, or don’t want Twitter sharing your information with its partners, then uncheck everything here. It’ll mean that your ads won’t be as targeted as they could be. But you’re also protecting more of your information. As we stated before, you can’t keep all of your information from being shared, but there are at least some controls now.