How To Use High-Intensity Mopping On Roborock S7

Roborock S7 AM AH

One of the new features that Roborock rolled out with the S7 earlier this year, was its new high-intensity mopping. This uses the Sonic mopping feature that the Roborock S7 introduced, and takes it to the max. Allowing you to clean up even the messiest of messes in one go. Which is really useful.

Today, we’re going to show you how we can use high-intensity mopping in your home and how to turn it on.

What is High-Intensity Mopping?

Here’s how Roborock explains what High-Intensity Mopping actually is: “The robot will move in a tighter Z-shape path, covering each area of the floor twice. Vacuuming power will also be reduced. High-intensity vacuuming is recommended for recently vacuumed floors only.”


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Basically, High-Intensity mopping is going to turn up the sonic mopping that is included on the Roborock S7. This is a good idea to use for high-traffic areas or very dirty floors. For example, it’s now wintertime, which means snow, sleet, salt and other things are being tracked in. It is also drying since your home is warm with the heat on. So a normal mopping would not suffice, but High-Intensity Mopping will.

It will do a Z-shape pattern from left-to-right and then up-and-down. So it does essentially go over the area twice, even if you choose for it to do it once.


How to setup High-Intensity Mopping on Roborock S7

Here’s how you can turn on High-Intensity Mopping on your Roborock S7 robot vacuum:

  • Open the Roborock app.
  • Enter the Roborock S7.
  • Tap on the water droplet icon in the lower right corner. This will bring up the menu with the different cleaning levels for vacuuming and mopping.
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  • Under the Mop Route section, tap on “Deep”.
  • You can also adjust the “Scrub Intensity” above it. There are four options there: close, mild, moderate, and intense. We’d recommend Intense.
  • Now you can choose to have the vacuum mop the whole home, a certain room or zone. If you are doing High-Intensity Mopping, we’d recommend doing a room or two, or a zone. As it’s going to use up a lot of battery, and likely won’t be able to finish the rest of your home on one go.
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  • If you do choose to do a room or zone, you can opt to have it clean that area once or twice, or three times. If it’s really messy.
  • That’s it.