How To Use Google Assistant To Screen Unwanted Calls In Android 12

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If you’ve ever wanted to screen out unwanted or spam calls, that feature is finally here with Android 12. And that’s not just in terms of automatically outright rejecting calls, either.

Instead, this Google Assistant feature, once only available on Pixel-branded handsets, does far more. It can also answer a phone call for you when needed. Not only providing an audio recording of the interaction. But also allowing direct on-screen transcripts and the ability to influence what your Assistant says. And, of course, whether or not the call comes through.

However, getting to the feature isn’t going to be the most intuitive. Especially since it’s not actually built into the Google Assistant app or associated Assistant settings. But that’s exactly what this guide is here to examine. Namely, how to screen calls using Google Assistant in Android 12. Whether you’re on a Google Pixel phone or not.


This won’t work the same for every user

Now, it’s worth taking some time to explain right out of the gate that this feature won’t work the same for everybody with an Android phone. Google launched the ability to screen unwanted and spam calls using Assistant, initially, as an exclusive Pixel smartphone feature. That’s changed, to a certain extent, with Android 12. But not all of the features you’ll find in the Google Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro will be on every smartphone.

For instance, Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 5a with 5G pack a feature called “Hold for me” in the same menu as the Call Screen features. That may also be found on select older phones in the Pixel line-up. The feature, as its branding implies, lets you use Google Assistant AI when you’re placed on hold. Specifically, to hold on the line while you get on with your day. When you’re taken off hold, the Assistant lets you know so you don’t miss the call.

On Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, conversely, more features are present. Including the ability to automatically screen calls. That’s as opposed to needing to press a “Screen Call” button whenever a call is incoming. It also comes with the added ability to direct calls via “Direct My Call.” That feature also works as implied. Namely, by walking you through — complete with visuals — calls to automated systems.


Those features and their settings will be found on some devices but not others. So we’ll be focusing this guide on those features not exclusive to Pixel. But which works on Android 12, in general.

Here’s how to screen calls in Android 12 using Google Assistant

As noted above, this guide will be sticking to the features found in just about every Android 12 gadget. So you may need to look to other how-to guides if you need more details on those, Android 12, specifically, or for Pixel handsets.

  1. Open the “Phone” application
  2. In the app, tap the three-dot overflow menu in the top right-hand corner
  3. Select “Settings” from the resulting menu
  4. Select “Spam and Call Screen” under the “ASSISTIVE” subheading in the resulting Settings page
  5. Under Spam and Call Screen, you’ll see a range of options, turned off by default. Tap to toggle the switch for “See caller and spam ID” and “Verified Calls” to limit spam calls, to begin with. The options will identify and verify spam and business calls
  6. Next, Select “Call Screen” from the list. This should be the bottom option, just above an explanation of the feature
  7. First, toggle or leave untoggled the “Save Call Screen audio” option. In either case, a transcript of the call audio will be retained. So this toggle can be on or off based on your preference
  8. Next, tap on the “Spam” option, opening a set of options for known spam calls. The options are to “Ring” spam calls anyway, on by default, or to automatically screen and decline spam and robocalls. Conversely, you may also choose to “silently decline” calls. So that they don’t ring or showcase any UI at all. We’ve selected the “Automatically screen” option since that will enable the call screening option for those numbers
  9. Once selected, your phone will return to the previous menu. With the pop-up closing, specifically. Next, select the “Possibly faked numbers” option. The phone app will present you with similar options to those above. Select the “Automatically screen” option again, to filter those robocalls out and present a “Screen call” option everywhere else
  10. Complete the same process for the remaining options on the page. Including the “First-time callers” and “Private or hidden” options. The former helps screen calls from numbers that haven’t previously been in contact. The latter helps screen calls that have been marked private or had the number hidden by the caller
  11. Finally, choose the voice your Google Assistant will use to answer calls. Voice 1 is female while Voice 2 is male
  12. Now, whenever you receive an incoming call, the AI will automatically filter those that are obviously unwanted. And present an option to screen calls that are less certain manually when your phone rings, as shown in the final image below
  13. Then, during the screening process, you’ll be able to read a transcript of the conversation and select appropriate responses for the Google Assistant from chips along the bottom of the screen. As shown in our title image, here. Conversely, the Assistant will also do a reasonably good job of pushing the call through anyway if the call seems important. Although that can be hit or miss
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