How To Get The New H.I.V.E Operator Skill In Call of Duty Mobile

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Call of Duty Mobile has launched the new battle pass for season 3 and with it comes the new H.I.V.E operator skill. If you're trying to unlock this new skill for use in matches, it's not too hard to do but it may take a little bit of time.

We've put together a short guide that will walk you through the different steps on how to add this operator skill in Call of Duty Mobile to your loadout options. As well as talk about some possible uses for it and why you might want it.

As with the Sparrow skill that you were able to unlock last year, this is a limited time thing so you should definitely hop on it as soon as you can. The ability to unlock it started on March 1, and you have until March 11 to finish everything for the unlock. At the time of writing, you have seven days and two hours left to complete the challenge.


How to unlock the H.I.V.E operator skill in Call of Duty Mobile

First things first, find the challenges menu from the home screen and set out to look over all the tasks.

There will be a number of tasks that you will have to do to complete the challenge and unlock the operator skill. These will include daily logins, completing a certain number of multiplayer matches, and other things that will revolve around your normal style of play.

Each task will give you a specific amount of points towards the event progress, and you won't need to complete every single task to finish. There are actually way more tasks in there than what's required for the completion, so this gives just about anyone a good way to reach the unlock without forcing them to use a certain weapon.

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To find the challenge list for the H.I.V.E operator skill, tap on the events banner to the left of your character on the home screen. This will cycle through all of the main events, so you can wait for the H.I.V.E one to pop up or scroll through it yourself. You can also tap on any event banner as it will take you to the same page.

From there you can simply tap on the H.I.V.E challenge tab which is the third one down.

Why you want the H.I.V.E operator skill

For one, it's just a new skill that you can acquire to change up your gameplay. This will help you keep a varied loadout. And it'll give you more options on how to play.


Not to mention it might synergize more with a particular weapon you're using. For example, if you're sniping you can easily use this to cut off all entry points to your position. This will make it a little safer for you when enemies come looking.

You can also use it at spawn points if you feel so inclined. That might seem a little bit sweaty, but hey. This is a multiplayer game and you're in it to win it. Take advantage where you can.

As for what the H.I.V.E does, it shoots out proximity mines that when triggered by enemies will launch out a swarm of nano drones. Any nearby enemies will die. So as you can see this is a great skill to have in your back pocket for many situations.


As mentioned above it's also not too hard to get. All you really have to do is play and it'll eventually unlock.

Possible uses for the H.I.V.E operator skill

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There are probably dozens of different ways to make use of this weapon.


As I mentioned earlier, you can easily rack up your progress to unlock this during a match and once it's available to use, shoot down the proximity mines around entry points to a chosen location and snipe. If you like playing with snipers, this is a great skill to have. It also pairs extremely well with the Trip Mine.

You can also use it at spawn points if you're playing in a match type where they don't load in with a temporary shield. You could use it to box in a group of enemies and wait for one of them to trip it. Which might work perfectly if you're playing in a Domination match.

Further, you could also use it in a domination match to surround a point you already have access to. This could help prevent the enemy from taking over the point. Or you could use it to box in the bomb in Search and Destroy. Preventing the enemy from disarming the bomb after you set it.


These are just a few examples though there are certainly more. The possibilities for how this becomes a very useful skill are almost endless. Use your imagination. But definitely don't miss out on getting it.