How To Get The J358 Abomination In Call of Duty Mobile

CoD M J358 Abomination 4

If you're like me and to be quite honest many other gamers out there, you probably enjoy the aesthetics of certain things in games, such as the J358 Abomination skin for the pistol in Call of Duty Mobile.

This is a highly sought after skin for the gun that not only has one of the coolest looking designs in the game, but it has a rather cool reload animation as well. That being said you may have no clue how to get the gun.

If you're trying to get your hands on it, this guide can help walk you through what to do. As well as list off a couple of reasons why you might want it.


Why you might want the J358 Abomination in Call of Duty Mobile

First off, if you don't have any variations of the J358, then this is a big reason why you should want the Abomination model.

The J358 is just a good pistol in general. So trying to acquire any version of it should be a priority if you like using pistols. Beyond that, the Abomination is probably the coolest looking version. It has a rather unique reload animation that adds to that.

Getting it though is not necessarily a quick task. While really extremely challenging to acquire, it might take you some time. This could change depending on how good your RNG is. So if you're lucky with loot drops in games, then you may get it sooner rather than later.

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As long as you're doing the content that's required for the item.

How to get the J358 Abomination in Call of Duty Mobile

CoD M J358 Abomination 2

There is only one way to get this gun – the zombies mode. If you want it, you'll need to play zombies and likely a lot of it.


Much like anything you can get from the zombies mode, the J358 Abomination is an item that you can craft. And to craft it you'll have to acquire item drops from zombies for that specific weapon called shards.

There are shards for numerous weapons and items too, so there is a chance that you may not get any shards for the J358 Abomination. This is where the RNG factor comes in. If your luck is terrible then you'll probably have to play a ton of matches here.

But you can maximize your chances by playing as much as you can. That is, as much as you can before the reset. You will have a chance to get shards for the gun skin every single day, so don't miss out on the opportunity. Play a few matches and hopefully you get the drop relatively quickly.


Then you can wait until the next daily reset and try again. You also have a chance at getting the gun without having to craft it.

The J358 Abomination shards and gun are only available in Hardcore or above

CoD M J358 Abomination 3

If you want a chance at the drop, you'll need to do zombies in the Hardcore Raid mode or above. There are three difficulty levels in zombies total.


The Normal Raid will only give you blue item rewards. If you do the Hardcore Raid or the Survival difficulty though, you'll have a chance at the J358 Abomination or the shards for it. Obviously you want the gun and not the shards, as this means you get it quicker.

But if you get the shards that's still a good drop. As you can continue running for more and eventually get enough (you need 100 shards total) to craft the weapon.

The amount of items you get increases based on how many rounds you survive

Your best chances for the gun or the shards for it are to survive as long as you can. Specifically you want to survive till the last round and beat the boss in the Hardcore Raid, or just last anywhere beyond 12 rounds in Survival.


Survival can last for quite a long time if you can withstand the onslaught of zombies at higher tiers. So if you can go 30 rounds for example, then you'll have way better chances at getting the J358 Abomination than if you only last 10.

And that's all there is to it. Whether you get lucky and get the gun drop all by itself or you get shards to craft it, you simply play zombies on Hardcore Raid or Survival and you'll eventually get there.