How To Get A Student Discount With Verizon

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Did you know that Verizon offers a student discount? It’s not something that Verizon really promotes all that much. But if you head over to their plans page, you’ll see at the very bottom that there is a student discount. Or you can check out this page here.

The student discount isn’t a lot, it’s up to $25 per month on Unlimited mobile plans. And you can also save $10 per month on Verizon Fios. Like I said, it’s not a lot, but as a college student, every little bit helps.

What is Verizon’s Student Discount?

Verizon offers a discount for students on their phone plan. You can save $10 with one line or $25 with two lines. And this is available on the 5G Do More, 5G Play More, and 5G Get More plans. Of course, the taxes and fees are still added on afterwards.


This means that the 5G Start plan is not included, which is their cheapest one. But the smart thing here would be to get the 5G Play More plan even if you have just one line. That brings it down to the same price as the 5G Start plan, but you get the Disney+ bundle included (which is about to get a big price increase too). You’ll also get 5G UW, which can be very useful in college, in a densely packed city.

Over with Verizon Fios, you can save up to $10 per month with a student discount. Again, not a huge discount, but still worthwhile. Fios is one of the best ISPs out there, maybe not in terms of customer service, but in terms of speeds. They are really the only ones offering Gigabit fiber, but it’s mostly only on the east coast.

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How can I get this student discount?

Obviously, only students can get this discount. Hence the name. But the way it works is the following:

  • First, confirm your discount eligibility by clicking the “Get Started” button on this page.
  • Next, after you have verified your eligibility you will continue back to Verizon to register your account and choose your plan.
  • The final step is after you have activated your services, Verizon will email you to let you know you’re all set. And that’s it.

Can I get this discount if I’m already a customer?

According to Verizon, yes you can. Existing Fios customers who have not used a promotional or discount offer in the past 12 months and are eligible for the student discount can enroll in this discounted plan.

Existing mobile customers who qualify can also enroll in the discount plan.


Who exactly is qualified for this discount?

The term “student discount” can be pretty vague, as some other places include teachers and staff in that term. But with Verizon, any student who is actively enrolled in an accredited institution of higher education are eligible for the student discount. You will need to maintain your active student status, and have to verify your eligibility every 12 months.

This includes undergraduate and graduate students. There’s also no limit on how long you can get this discount. Some companies will put a limit of four years to get this student discount – like Spotify for example. But that is not the case for Verizon.

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So should you get the Student Discount at Verizon?

If you are eligible and can verify that you are a student, then it is definitely worth it to get the student discount. While $10 on a single line and $25 on two lines may not seem like a big discount, since plans start at $70/month, it is. Especially if you jump to the 5G Play More plan and get this discount, then you’re paying the same price and getting Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu for free. Which isn’t too shabby.