Here's How You Can Get PlayStation+ & PlayStation Now Free From Verizon

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Verizon is announcing a new promotion that is being used to get people to jump ship over to the nation’s largest carrier. If you buy a new 5G smartphone, and switch to Verizon, you’ll get PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now for free.

You can get up to a year if you switch to Verizon, while current customers can get three months free with this promotion. So it’s not only for new customers, but the new customers get the better end of this deal.

This deal is particularly great for those that just got a PlayStation 5, or are planning on getting one when stock is available again. With PS+, you get the ability to play games online, as well as two free games every month and a ton of discounts on new games. PlayStation Now allows you to stream over 800 games. It’s a lot like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, but better because it’s for PlayStation.


How to get PlayStation Plus & PlayStation Now Free from Verizon

To get both PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now free from Verizon, you’ll need to switch to Verizon and activate a new smartphone on one of the following unlimited plans: Play More, Do More or Get More.

When you switch to Verizon, and trade in an eligible device, and also purchase a select 5G smartphone on a Verizon payment plan, you’ll get a lot more than just PlayStation Plus and Now. You’ll also get up to $1,350 off select 5G smartphones. And if you’re a new customer, you can get the Verizon Stream TV for free (this is an Android TV-based set-top box).

As mentioned, new lines get 12 months of PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now. While upgrades will get three months of PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now.

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You can find out more information from Verizon’s press release by clicking here.

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