How To Get Infinite Skeleton Keys In Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

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If you’re playing Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, then you may want to know that there’s a way to get infinite skeleton keys. Skeleton keys are the game’s (rare) currency that allow you to open the golden chests. And inside these chests is a chance to acquire some really good loot.

Normally, skeleton keys are acquired through redeeming Shift codes. Which are tossed out from time to time in a number of ways. Sometimes you’ll find them posted via the official Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands social accounts. Sometimes they’re tossed out by Randy Pitchford. Gearbox’s President and CEO. Heck, there was even a Shift code displayed on-screen yesterday during Gearbox’s presentation at PAX East which gave away 10 keys.

Mostly though, codes give you one key. And unless you stack them up over time, they’re usually few and far between. Currently it seems like one or two are posted every week or so. But, there is currently still a working glitch that allows you to essentially duplicate your keys infinitely so you can have as many as you want. Is this game breaking? Not really. Does it cheapen the experience? We’ll let you be the judge of that.


Either way, if you want to learn how to utilize this glitch, this guide will show you how. Allowing you to get infinite skeleton keys in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

How to get infinite skeleton keys in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

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This process works pretty simply, and there’s only a few different steps to complete the whole process. It should also be noted that this glitch likely works on all platforms. I have personally tested it on PS5, and can confirm it still currently works on that platform. But it should work on PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S as well. It may also work on PC. That being said, I haven’t tested it on any of those platforms.


Acquire a Shift code

The first thing you need to do for this glitch to work is acquire a Shift code. As noted above, Shift codes will give you skeleton keys. And you’ll need at least one skeleton key available to claim. You can find out more about claiming Shift codes and see what all current ones are from our post here.

Launch Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands on your chosen platform

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To kick things off, launch the game on your chosen platform. Make sure you have a Shift code that you’ve redeemed and that at least one skeleton key is available to claim.


Once the game is launched, hit the button to go online and then hit play to continue your game from the last saved state. Once you’re in-game, stop here and don’t do anything else for the moment. Do not claim the skeleton key you have sitting in your mail at this time.

Turn off your platform’s internet

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Now, while the game is still running in the background, back out to your platform’s home screen. For PS5, hit the PlayStation button on the controller and click the home button.


From there, navigate to your system settings by clicking the cog button in the top right of the home screen UI. Inside of the settings menu, navigate to the Network Settings menu and disable your internet connection. Once that’s done, head back to the game.

Claim your skeleton key(s)

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Now that your internet has been disabled and you’re back in-game, you can claim your skeleton key. To claim the key, open the game menu and head to social. Once in the social menu, navigate over to the mail menu and you should see a skeleton key in there. Go ahead and claim it.


Back out of the game and go back to the main menu

With your claimed skeleton key, open the game menu again and quit the game to go back to the main menu. Once there, simply hit play again and then continue to go back to your game. Then navigate back to the social and mail menus to re-claim your skeleton key. You can continue to do this over and over and presumably get as many as you like.

As long as you don’t claim the keys while you’re online, they’ll still be there when you quit the game and go back. Worth noting is that this process goes even faster if you have more skeleton keys to claim. So if you have say, 8 keys, then you can claim those keys each time you launch the game. Then quit to menu and re-launch to claim all 8 again.

Why do this?

Quite simply, because you can. While we’re not sure how long this glitch will work, it works at the time of writing. At least for us. It’s also worth mentioning that there was a download for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands happening the moment I booted the game up. But since I turned off the internet before the download finished, the update wasn’t completed nor was it installed.


It is possible that this update could have fixed this glitch. So keep that in mind if your version of the game is all the way up to date.

That aside, if this glitch works for you, the reason to do this is so you have a huge supply of skeleton keys. Maybe you just don’t have any good gear. And if you have a large supply of keys to open golden chests, you can open as many as you like until you get something good.

Now, weapons and any items you can equip scale with your level. So with loads of keys you can make sure you have enough to cycle your stuff out as you gain levels and progress. Sure, this might take some of the fun out of the game for some players. But, if you’re not one of those players, this is an easy way to ensure you can get some good loot right away and throughout your playthrough.