How To Get Up To $60 In Amazon Credits for Prime Day 2022

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Amazon is gearing up for Prime Day, and as they have done in the past, there are a number of ways that you can get credit to spend on Prime Day. This year, there are a number of different offers, totaling up to $60 in credits that you can spend on Prime Day – which takes place July 12 and July 13. It’s almost like free money for Prime Day to take advantage of some awesome deals over at Amazon.

Before we get started, remember that you will need to be a Prime member to see these offers, and to take advantage of them. So make sure you have signed up for Prime, and you can get a 30-day free trial too.

How to get $60 in credits for Prime Day

Below, we’ll outline how you can get these credits. Some of them are not yet available, so do keep that in mind.


Disney & Pixar

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You can earn a $5 credit for Prime Day when you purchase a movie ticket or merch for Lightyear which is now in theaters, through Atom Tickets. If you do both, you can get $10 in credits.

To get this reward, you’ll get an email with instructions to use your reward. And then on Prime Day you’ll be able to use your credit at checkout.


Proctor and Gamble

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This is likely going to be the biggest and most popular credit. By spending $75 or more on P&G Essentials, you’ll get $20 in credits for Prime Day.

Basically, just spend $75 or more on the products listed on the page here. Then you’ll receive a reward confirmation email near Prime Day. And on Prime Day you’ll be able to use that credit for your purchases.


These brands that are included in this promo include Bounty, Charmin, Tide, Gain and more.


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Similar to Lightyear, you can get a $5 Prime Day credit when you purchase a movie ticket to Elvis through Atom Tickets.


To get the credit, buy your tickets through Atom Tickets and use the promo code ELVIS at checkout. You’ll then receive a reward email in your inbox, click the “Redeem now” button and get your credit. Then you’ll be able to get your $5 to spend on Prime Day.

Prime Stampcard

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Another way to get a $10 credit for Prime Day is to use Prime Stampcard. It’s a pretty straightforward thing, it’s basically helping you explore the different features of Prime.


You’ll need to collect four stamps for your Stampcard to get the full $10. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Make a Prime-eligible purchase
  • Stream a show on Prime Video
  • Listen to a song with Prime Music
  • Borrow an eBook on Prime Reading

And once you collect all four, you’ll get a $10 credit for Prime Day.


There are two ways you can get credit by using Affirm.


Firstly, starting on June 27, 2022, you can go to the Affirm Hub and scroll the page to get a $2 credit for Prime Day.

Second, if you check out with Affirm for a purchase over $100 on Prime Day, you’ll receive a $25 Amazon Credit, which can be used later on. This will start on July 12, since it is only valid during Prime Day.

Wrap Up

If you take advantage of all of these promos for Prime Day, you’ll have $72 in credits to use (with $47 available for Prime Day purchases). That’s not too shabby. And most of these offers are pretty easy to do. If you do opt to do the P&G offer, buy things that you are going to buy anyways, otherwise, you’re spending more money to get less money back for Prime Day.


There will be more offers coming as we get closer to Prime Day, and we will update this post once that happens.