How To Force All Apps Into Multi-Window On Galaxy Z Fold 4

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With foldables, OEMs are forced to create new software features to allow users to take full advantage of the new form-factor. On the Galaxy Z Fold 4, it’s especially necessary since the main display is almost a square. Where most apps are used to working on rectangular screens, like a 18:9 aspect ratio. And that’s where Multi-Window comes in.

Multi-Window is actually not new. Samsung debuted it on the Galaxy Note series nearly a decade ago. But it has evolved since then. Multi-window mode on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 can be used to open apps in separate windows across the screen on your Galaxy Z Fold 4. Jut swipe down from the corner to adjust the size of the window. And you can have many windows open on your display. This also works on Samsung’s tablets.

Today, we’re going to show you how you can force all apps to use multi-window mode. Since there are some that don’t have it built-in – most notably is Instagram. But this experimental feature on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 allows you to force apps like Instagram into Multi-window mode.


How to force all apps into multi-window on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

First off, you’ll need to head into the Settings app.

Screenshot 20220825 090220 Settings Medium

Now scroll down to the “Advanced Features” and tap on that.


Next, tap on “Labs”, which should be towards the bottom.

Screenshot 20220825 090229 Settings Medium

Now on the Labs page, you’ll see a number of experimental features available for the Fold 4. The first option should be Multi-Window. Tap on that to turn it on.


With that done, every app will be available to work in multi-window mode. Now when you open apps like Instagram, you will see a message that multi-window may not work with every app. But it does work with Instagram quite nicely, surprisingly.

Screenshot 20220825 090309 One UI Home Medium

And that’s it. Every app can now be used in multi-window mode.