How To Factory Reset Your Sony PS5 Console

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Hopefully this isn’t something you’ll ever need to do out of necessity due to a malfunctioning console, but sometime down the line you may need or want to factory reset your PS5.

Should that need or want ever arise, you’ll want to be prepared and know how to complete this process. This is also something you would want to do if you ever plan to sell the console at any point. Performing a factory reset on your PS5 isn’t a super challenging process. It is however something that could take a few minutes to do once you start. So plan for that if you ever decide to go through with it.

In this short and handy little guide, we’ll walk you through how to get through each step and successfully factory reset your PS5.


How to factory reset your PS5 console

To start, you first need to make sure that your PS5 console is powered on. That’s probably obvious, but I figured I’d mention it here because some devices can be factory reset using hardware buttons.

Navigate to the PS5 settings

How To Factory Reset Your PS5 Console 2

As with many of our other PS5 how to guides, you’ll begin by going to the settings menu. This is where many of these different system changes can be accessed and adjusted. So familiarize yourself with it because you’ll want to know where everything is.

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Scroll to find and enter the system menu

How To Factory Reset Your PS5 Console 3

Next you’re looking for the system menu, which will be towards the top of the settings list. You’ll find it just under the family and parental Controls menu.

Under the system menu you’ll find that there are quite a few sub-menus. But the one that you want is the one that’s highlighted as soon as you enter the main menu. Which is system software.


Scroll to and select the reset options menu

How To Factory Reset Your PS5 Console 4

Next, select the reset options menu. There are only a few different sub-menus in here. The one you want is the reset your console option.

Select reset

How To Factory Reset Your PS5 Console 5


Before you hit the reset button Sony will warn you that by doing so, you’ll clean everything out. Remember resetting the console will wipe the system of all user data, including save files, game installs, profiles and more.

This will make it so the PS5 feels like a fresh unit the next time you power it on. And again, is one of the main reasons why you’d want to perform the reset if you’re planning to sell it. Because the last thing you want is your personal information being stuck on the console for someone else to have access to.

How To Factory Reset Your PS5 Console 1


That’s all there is to the factory reset process for your PS5. As noted the entire thing is a mostly quick affair. So it isn’t something you have to spend all day doing like when you try to wipe a PC.

Whatever your reason for wanting to perform the reset, you can now get back to installing games and begin playing. If you’re still looking for a PS5, these are a few of the retailers that sell them. Though keep in mind all or most are likely out of stock at the moment.