How To Enable WiFi Calling On Samsung Galaxy S20

samsung galaxy s20 wifi calling AH

Most carriers and most smartphones, including the Galaxy S20 series support WiFi Calling. And while many smartphones do have it on by default, the Galaxy S20 is not necessarily one that does. So you're going to want to turn it on and make the most of your new smartphone. But how exactly do you do that? Well it's actually really easy, and we're here to show you how to do it.

There are two ways that you can enable WiFi Calling on Galaxy S20, and we're going to teach you how to do both.

How to enable WiFi Calling on Galaxy S20

To start off, you're going to want to open the Settings.

Screenshot 20200302 122657 Settings
Samsung Galaxy S20: Settings

From there, you can tap on Connections.

enable wifi calling s20
Samsung Galaxy S20: Connections

Now scroll down to WiFi Calling and toggle it to on. It should be the second option below WiFi.

And that's it, WiFi Calling is now turned on. You can also tap on WiFi Calling and choose between preferring a mobile network or WiFi for making and receiving calls as well.

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How to turn on WiFi Calling through the Dialer

There's another way to enable WiFi Calling on the Galaxy S20, but it isn't quite as easy. This time you're going to need to use the dialer.

Firstly, open the dialer from the home screen.

Screenshot 20200302 124619 Phone
Samsung Galaxy S20: Dialer

Now tap on the overflow menu, that'll be the vertical three dots on the right-hand side.

Screenshot 20200302 124626 Phone
Samsung Galaxy S20: Dialer Overflow Menu

Then choose Settings.

From there you can toggle WiFi Calling and make sure it is on.

enable wifi calling s20
Samsung Galaxy S20: WiFi Calling

And that's about it, for enabling WiFi Calling. There are two different ways, and depending on your carrier, one of these options may not be available. As some carriers do like to mess around with Samsung's own software – Verizon is one of those carriers.


WiFi Calling is much preferred these days, as it can really improve the audio of your call. The reason for this is because it has more bandwidth and can use HD Voice a lot easier than the mobile network. Especially as mobile networks start to get more and more congested. So opting to use WiFi over your mobile network for making and receiving calls might be the best bet for most people. Especially if you're at home when you get the majority of your calls.

WiFi Calling should be enabled by default, but this will depend on the SIM in your smartphone. For instance, I was using the Galaxy S20 Ultra on a Verizon SIM and it was not enabled. But I insert my Google Fi SIM and it automatically got enabled. So it's a good idea to check.