How To Enable Cross-Save For Genshin Impact On PS5

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With the release of Genshin Impact version 2.0, cross-save is coming to the PS5 and PS4. And that means you can finally play the game across every platform that it’s on and carry your progress with you on all of them. While Android, iOS, and PC players have been enjoying this capability since the game launched, PlayStation players were left out.

Once the 2.0 update launches, things won’t just work. You’ll have to link your account on PSN to the rest of the accounts, which are all linked together with your miHoYo account. And while that might seem like something that will be either tedious or inconvenient, the process is actually really quite simple. It’s made all the easier thanks to miHoYo, which recently explained how to enable cross-save for Genshin Impact on the PS5 and PS4.

If you plan to play on either of those two consoles from time to time, this handy guide will walk you through how to get everything connected. So you can freely jump between platforms as you see fit. First though, let’s go over why this is a good idea if you have a PS4 or PS5.


Why you want enable cross-save for Genshin Impact on PS5

If you have a PS4 or PS5, then the big reason for enabling the cross-save feature is so you just have an extra platform to play on. Playing the game on PC is great. But, maybe you feel like playing the game on the couch on a large TV so you can really take in everything that Teyvat has to offer.

Or maybe you primarily play on console but you have to share the TV, and you need to switch devices if you want to continue playing. Well, this is why you want to link the PSN account for cross-save. Because you can carry that progress on the PS4 or PS5 over to a mobile device or a gaming PC is you have it. And vise versa.

How to enable cross-save for Genshin Impact on PS5

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To enable cross-save on PS5, you’ll need to link your miHoYo account to your PSN account. Which is essentially linking the PC, Android, and iOS accounts to PSN. As the miHoYo account covers all of them.

Worth noting is that there are two processes to complete this task. And which one you use will depend on where you’re pulling your main account from. Basically, if you play on PC and mobile, then you’ll have a different set of steps than those that play on PS4 or PS5.

There are also a couple of caveats to be aware of, but we’ll go over those a bit later. First, let’s go over the steps for linking your PC/mobile miHoYo account to your PS4 or PS5.


Linking your PC/mobile account to PS4/PS5: Boot up your PlayStation and install Genshin Impact

The first step is to install the game onto your PS4 or PS5.

Launch the game and follow the on-screen prompts

After the game is installed, launch the game and follow the on-screen prompts that appear. There will be a pop-up window that appears which lists steps to link your PSN account to an external email. Unless you’ve already launched Genshin Impact on your PSN account before. Make sure to go through this series of steps, and don’t skip the pop-up box once it appears. As it’s required to link your PSN account to your external miHoYo account that you use for PC and mobile.

Linking your PS4/PS5 account to PC/mobile: Launch the game on PlayStation

The process for the account linking starts the same way if your progress is on your PlayStation console. Simply launch the game, then log in and wait for the game to load. Once the game is loaded, open the settings menu.


Find the Account settings, and link your account through the User Center option

Once inside the settings menu, look for the Account settings. In this sub-menu you’ll find an option called User Center. And inside that sub-menu you’ll find an option to link your account.

Keep in mind this is only for linking the account that’s already associated with your PSN account to an external email. This way you can carry your PS4 or PS5 progress over to PC and mobile devices. Just as with the other method, you can’t carry your PlayStation progress over to an external email that is associated with miHoYo and Genshin Impact already. So be aware of this.

You can’t link accounts if you’ve already played Genshin Impact on PlayStation

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We’ve already briefly mentioned this, but account linking is only possible for PlayStation players if they’ve never linked their PSN to Genshin Impact before. According to miHoYo, it is not currently possible to use cross-save with a PSN account that has already booted into the game at some point.

Unfortunately, there’s also no way to unlink accounts. And miHoYo isn’t saying whether or not that will change in the future. There is however a workaround. Though it may not necessarily be ideal for some or most users.

You can set up multiple PSN accounts on a single console. So all you would have to do is create a new user account and make sure to follow the prompts to link your PC/mobile account to this other PSN account. If you’ve already been playing on PS4 or PS5, then you will just need to link that account to a different email that isn’t already associated with miHoYo and Genshin Impact. Problem solved.


It’s not necessarily a perfect solution. But it will work. And if you really want to use cross-save, then this will have to be the way forward for now.

Cross-save goes live after the update release on July 21

Remember, cross-save for PlayStation is part of the 2.0 update for Genshin Impact. That means it only goes live once the update for the game releases. If you try to set these things up prior to the launch, the options won’t be available. So you will have to wait until the Inazuma patch goes live. You can read more about the account linking process on miHoYo’s official post about it here.