How To Enable And Use Cross-Progression In Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 Cross Progression

Cyberpunk 2077 received its 1.6 patch today which includes cross-progression between platforms (except for Stadia it seems). This means you can transfer your saves between PlayStation and Xbox, and between console and PC. Though not from PC to console according to the support page. And in certain countries with regional restrictions, cross-progression has additional limitations. See the official support page for more on that.

For the platforms where this feature is supported, you can carry your save with you to another platform. Setting up cross-progression might initially seem a little confusing. But it’s actually not hard at all to get this going. This guide is here to help walk you through the steps to enable and use cross-progression so you don’t have to start over on another platform. Within compatibility of course.

That being said, if you want to bring your cross-progression save over to a different platform, read through the steps below.


How to enable cross-progression for Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 Cross Progression 1

Enabling cross-progression for Cyberpunk 2077 is easy to do, and it can be disabled at your leisure should you ever want to turn it off. Though we don’t know why you’d want to. Since it’s a pretty big quality of life update.

Install the new patch

Cyberpunk 2077 Cross Progression 5


To get started, you’ll need to make sure that each version of the game that you own is updated to the latest patch. Which is patch 1.6. CD Projekt Red released this patch on the morning of September 6 directly after the livestream where it announced the new patch and the upcoming expansion for the game. So you should be able to update it. And if you have automatic updates on, then there’s a chance any version of the game that you have is already updated to the new 1.6 patch.

Launch the game and head to settings

Cyberpunk 2077 Cross Progression 2

Once the patch is installed, launch the game and as soon as you get to the main menu, head into the settings menu.


Go to gameplay settings

Cyberpunk 2077 Cross Progression 3

Once inside the settings menu, navigate over to the Gameplay Settings tab and scroll to find a toggle for cross-progression. Turn this on if it isn’t already enabled by default following the patch 1.6 installation. Though, for me this was automatically enabled. So it should be for you as well.

How to use the new cross-progression feature

Cyberpunk 2077 Cross Progression 4


There’s not a whole lot to this part of the feature. All you have to do is save a game after the update and that save will automatically be uploaded to the cloud. If the cross-progression feature is turned on. From there, that save will sync on other platforms as long they support the feature and it’s enabled on those platforms as well. If a cross-progression save was uploaded, you’ll see a little cloud symbol next to the game save name.

The other thing worth mentioning here is that cloud saves for this feature don’t appear right away. After completing a manual save on the PS4 version of the game using my PS5, it took anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes for that save to show up on the PC version of the game I have installed through GOG.

That doesn’t mean it will take the same amount of time for you. But be aware that the save may not show up immediately. Lastly, cross-progression works with all saves. Manual save, quick save, and auto save. If you tend to forget to use quick save and manual save, no worries. As long as you play the game long enough for an auto save to happen following the patch 1.6 update, cross-progression will upload that save to the cloud for you.


That being said, it’s good to get into the habit of manual saving your games. Because you never know when you might run into something that kills you. And the last thing you want is to lose stuff you’ve acquired.