Here's How You Can Easily Change Your Spotify Email Address

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Streaming apps are great, delivering on-demand content at a whim as long as there’s a connection to be had. But they are not without pitfalls. And one of the biggest pitfalls, setting aside data connectivity issues and the potential for poorly-executed app redesigns is that they require a login as often as not. And that can become an issue if your email address happens to change. Especially since that means you’ll need to consider how to change the email address associated with your streaming apps, whether that’s Netflix, Spotify, or just about any other app.

While the process itself is relatively straightforward, it won’t be intuitive to those who aren’t familiar with these types of accounts. So that’s exactly what this guide looks to show. Specifically, how to change your email address on Spotify. Let’s dive in.

Here’s how to change your Spotify email address

Now, email isn’t the only way to log in with Spotify. If you’re using Facebook to log in, Spotify requires some extra legwork involved. Namely, you’ll need to navigate over to Spotify, reset your password to set a password that’s separate from Facebook, and then log in. Then, you’ll need to follow the proper steps over at Facebook to disconnect the two accounts. You’ll need to accomplish all of that before following this guide if you’ve linked those two accounts.

However, once accomplished, this guide can be followed from any device with a web browser — as with so many of our how-to walkthroughs. And the process itself is, as noted above, actually very straightforward.

  1. On a computer, tablet, or smartphone, open up your favorite web browser. For this guide, we’ll be using Google Chrome on an Android device. But the UI will be almost identical across platforms
  2. Using the search or URL bar at the top of the page, navigate to Spotify.com
  3. Log in to Spotify, if you haven’t already, using the gear-shaped icon at the top right-hand side of the UI, as shown in our images below. On desktop platforms, Spotify tucks that behind the “Profile” button or shown as a login option, in effectively the same place
  4. Once logged in, you’ll need to return to the gear-shaped icon. Or, again in the full web browser version, on a desktop or laptop computer, there is no gear icon at the top right-hand side of the UI. In its place, in exactly the same place, there’s a drop-down button next to your profile image that reads “Profile.” You’ll tap or click to select that instead
  5. In the resulting drop-down menu, select the option that reads “Account” — or “View Account” on mobile
  6. Regardless of the platform you’ve chosen to use, the next page will display the same options. Showing you all of the account details and an “Edit Account” button. Select the Edit Account button
  7. Select the appropriate field, containing the email account you want to change for Spotify
  8. Enter a new email address
  9. Select the “Save Profile” button
  10. Navigate to your email and confirm the change, if required. Spotify may send you an email notifying you of the change at the new email address. Or it may ask for confirmation of the change. Usually, no further action is required.
  11. To test the change, log out of Spotify using the appropriate icon for your platform as detailed in step four
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