How To Disable Bixby Completely On The Galaxy S21 FE

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Bixby is still available on Samsung smartphones, like the Galaxy S21 FE unfortunately. But you are able to mostly disable it, which is great news for everyone involved. Bixby is Samsung’s attempt at making a smart assistant like Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant. It’s not as great as those two, but Samsung has not given up on it yet. And unfortunately, Samsung has decided to build it into the power button. Meaning that you’ll be pressing it by mistake quite often.

So, we’re here to show you how you can disable Bixby on your Samsung Galaxy S21 FE.

What is Bixby?

Bixby is Samsung’s own smart assistant that was introduced with the Galaxy S8 back in 2017. Samsung has been all-in with Bixby in recent years, putting it into the power button on most of its newer smartphones. As well as bringing it into all of its appliances. Samsung also announced the Galaxy Home, which was a smart speaker with Bixby inside. However, it never actually was made available to buy.


Compared to its competitors like Google Assistant (also pre-installed on all Android smartphones), Amazon Alexa, and Apple’s Siri, Bixby is pretty lacking. And that’s saying something when Siri is considered better. Siri has been total garbage since it launched in 2011.

How to disable Bixby on the Galaxy S21 FE

Even though Bixby is no longer to the left of the home screen, with the Galaxy S21 FE, it is still available through the power button or the “Side Key”. It can be edited so that you are actually bringing up the power menu instead of Bixby though, here’s how you can do that.

First, swipe down your notification shade.


Screenshot 20220111 084355 One UI Home Medium

Then tap on the power menu button within the quick settings panel.

Screenshot 20220111 084402 One UI Home Medium


From there, you will want to tap on the Side Key settings.

Screenshot 20220111 084408 Settings Medium

Now you can change the Double Press action to Quick Launch Camera or another app. Or you can turn it off completely if you wish.


You also can change the Press and Hold action on the power button to open the power off menu. Like it would on virtually every other smartphone in existence.

And that’s it. Bixby is gone from the power button, the side home screen, and everywhere else on your phone. Since you can’t completely disable it, yet, you can at least remove most parts of it from your smartphone experience.

Here’s a quick YouTube Shorts video on how to disable Bixby on the Galaxy S21 FE.