How To Disable 5G On A Google Pixel Smartphone & Save Battery Life

How To disable 5g on google pixel AM AH

While 5G might be the next big thing, in terms of mobile data, it is still a battery hog. Though not quite as bad as 4G LTE was when it first came out (who remembers the HTC Thunderbolt or the Motorola Droid Bionic’s battery life?). Luckily, you can still turn off 5G and conserve your battery life. You’ll actually get quite a bit of battery savings when you disable 5G on your Google Pixel smartphone.

The good thing is, even when you disable 5G on your Pixel, you won’t lose a lot of speed. Since 5G is mostly the same speed as 4G LTE in a lot of areas. While it’s true, mmWave is a whole lot faster, that is not available in a lot of areas, and you will really only notice that speed outside, because of the way that mmWave works.

So, we’re going to show you how you can disable 5G on your Pixel smartphone. This will work on every Pixel ever made, from the Pixel to Pixel 5a. The screenshots may look a bit different compared to your Pixel, since this was done on Android 12. But the steps are the same.


How To Disable 5G On A Google Pixel

First off, head into the Settings app on your Google Pixel smartphone.

Screenshot 20210929 101112

Next, tap on Network & Internet.


Now tap on SIMs.

Screenshot 20210929 101118

From here, you will want to scroll down and tap on Preferred network type.


Here you can choose from 5G, 4G, 3G, and 2G. We would recommend tapping on 4G, as the others are going to be very slow and coverage may not be as great.

Now, your phone will connect to 4G, instead of 5G. It may take a moment for the change to actually take place though. You can repeat the steps above if you ever want to go back to 5G.

And it’s just that easy.