How To Connect The Roborock S7 To Google Assistant

Roborock S7 AM AH 4

All of Roborock’s robot vacuums are compatible with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and it’s quite easy to set it up with either of those assistants. And today, we’re going to show you how to connect your Roborock S7 with the Google Assistant.

Being able to tell Google to have your robot vacuum start cleaning with your voice is pretty impressive, to be quite honest and definitely feels like the future. It’s also nice because you can tell your robot vacuum to start cleaning your home while you’re busy doing something else and don’t have any hands free to use your phone to start the cycle, or press the button on your Roborock S7.

It’s simply another way to control your Roborock S7 and have it start cleaning your home.


How To Connect The Roborock S7 To Google Assistant

If you don’t have the Google Home app already installed, download it from the Google Play Store here.

Open the Google Home app, and tap on the + in the upper left-hand corner.

roborock s7 google assistant screenshots 1


Next, tap on “Set up Device” under the “Add to home” section at the top.

roborock s7 google assistant screenshots 2

Now, tap on “Works with Google”.


roborock s7 google assistant screenshots 3

On this next page, you will see all of the many brands that work with Google Assistant. The list is quite long, so we recommend tapping the search icon at the top and typing in “Roborock”.

roborock s7 google assistant screenshots 4


Tap on the Roborock option. Do not use the “Roborock MiHome” option, as that is for older Roborock vacuums that work with the Mi Home app.

roborock s7 google assistant screenshots 5

Next, you’re going to be asked to login to your Roborock account. So input your Roborock phone number and password. If you use your email instead, tap on “Login with Email” at the bottom. Then you’ll be able to login with your email and password.


Now, all of the Roborock vacuums on your account will be linked to you, and appear at the bottom of the Google Home screen. For most people, that will be just one robot vacuum, but there are two on my account as you can see here.

roborock s7 google assistant screenshots 6

You can add this to a particular room if you wish. Just tap on the Roborock S7, then there will be a “Add to room” button at the bottom of the screen. Choose your home on the next screen (again, most people will have one home listed). Then you can choose the room you want to put the Roborock S7 into.


What Google Assistant commands work with Roborock S7

Since it’s a robot vacuum, there’s not a whole lot of commands that you can give to Google Assistant to control your Roborock S7. It’s pretty limited, by nature. That’s not anything that Roborock can really change, as that’s the case with all robot vacuums. So here are the two Google Assistant commands that you can give for your Roborock S7.

  • “Hey Google start my Vacuum Cleaner”
  • “Hey Google Stop my Vacuum Cleaner”

You can also use the name of your Roborock robot vacuum in the command if you wish. For instance, if you called it “S7” you could say “Hey Google, tell S7 to start cleaning”. Additionally, if you have multiple robot vacuums on your account, you will need to specify which robot vacuum you want to start or stop cleaning.

Unfortunately, there is no way to tell it to clean a specific room. You’d need to do that within the Roborock app.