How To Connect A Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse To Your PS5

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Did you know you can connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to your PS5? Well, you can. And it’s a great way to play games that have built-in support for those types of controls. Using the DualSense controller may be the preferred way to play most games. But titles like Final Fantasy XIV, and even more competitive games like Call Of Duty and other FPS titles can support kbm controls.

And if you play games on PC as well as on PS5, then you may want to consider the idea of using a keyboard and mouse when you play on the PS5 as well. Keep in mind that the DualSense will still be the best option for the majority of games. Some will even be limited to the DualSense.

That being said, there’s no denying that a keyboard and mouse combo can be more accurate for certain types of games. Mainly first-person shooters like Destiny 2, Call Of Duty, and Battlefield 2042. You can also use a wired keyboard and mouse if you’re sitting close enough to your console. If you connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to your PS5 though, you have a little more freedom. And you’ll likely have to use Bluetooth options if your console is set up in the living room. Since you’re probably sitting too far away from it to use any wired peripherals.


With this handy guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to connect wireless devices to your PS5. Excluding audio, since the PS5 doesn’t natively support Bluetooth audio without the use of a Bluetooth dongle that you need to plug in. Which means you probably want to consider one of these PS5 headsets.

How to connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to your PS5

Power on your PS5 and go to the settings menu

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To start, power on your PS5 and head to the settings menu. While you can turn connected devices off from the Control Center, you will need to initially pair everything from settings. Then once everything you want to use is paired, you can connect them simply by powering them on going forward.


Scroll down to accessories

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Next you need to navigate to the accessories menu. Here you’ll find a selection of different options including general, controllers, media remote, keyboard, mouse, and camera.

Enter the General menu and select Bluetooth accessories

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Bluetooth accessories are what we’re looking for here and the options for connecting and managing devices is located in the general menu. Select general, then select Bluetooth accessories.

Register your keyboard and mouse

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Now that you’re in the Bluetooth accessories menu, it’s time to put your keyboard and mouse into pairing mode. In the Bluetooth accessories menu, you’ll see any registered accessories at the very top. And any other accessories that you want to connect should be listed at the bottom under Accessories Found.


Make sure your keyboard and mouse are in pairing mode and then you should be able to see them in the found list. Remember though that you’ll have to connect one device at a time. So put one of them in pairing mode and pair it to the PS5, then go and pair the other right afterwards.

Not all Bluetooth keyboards are compatible

While being able to pair a Bluetooth keyboard is a wonderful feature of the PS5 (and PS4), not all of them are compatible unfortunately. For instance, my current favorite keyboard, the Logitech G915 TKL, doesn’t work. So be sure that if you’re picking up a new keyboard for use with the PS5, you’re certain it works first.

Some good options include the Keychron K1 and Keychron K3, the Logitech K380 and K480, and Razer Turret Lapboard – which is perfect if you’re playing PS5 on the couch.