How To Change Your Spotify Password

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We’ve all been there. Forgotten what our password was for something and needed to change the password for something like Spotify. Most apps and sites make it pretty easy to reset, but there sometimes some hoops to jump through.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to change your Spotify password, as well as how to reset it if you do not remember the current password.

How to change your Spotify password

If you do remember your current password, then you can login to your Spotify account on the desktop to change it. You do need to login on a browser to change your password.

  • Disclaimer: If you sign into Spotify using Google, Facebook or Apple, you will not be able to change your password. And the screens below will not appear for you.

Open Spotify.com.

After you have logged in, click on your profile in the upper-right hand corner.

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Now, click on “Account”.

Now, click on “Change Password”. This should be the fourth option on the left side of the screen.

Screen Shot 2021 12 03 at 9 53 28 AM


Next, you’re going to enter your current password. Then enter your new password and confirm that new password.

Screen Shot 2021 12 03 at 9 53 37 AM

Finally, click on “Set New Password”. And now you’re all set, once you see a “Password Updated” message.


That’s all there is to it.

How to reset your Spotify password

Now, if you do not remember your current Spotify password, you can still reset it.

Open Spotify.com, the Spotify app will not show you the option to retrieve your password.


Now tap or click on login.

Below the email and password boxes, there is a “Forgot your password?” link. Click on that.

Screen Shot 2021 12 03 at 9 56 17 AM


Now to reset your password, you will be asked to enter your email or username. Then complete the Captcha. And tap on “Send”.

Screen Shot 2021 12 03 at 9 56 05 AM

Now head over to your email and look for an email from Spotify. There is a chance that it was put into the spam folder, so check there. Once you find the email, click on the “Reset Password” link.


Next, you’ll be asked to create a new password and then repeat that password. Again, complete the Captcha and click on “Send”.

Once you get a “Password Updated” screen, you are all set. And your password has been changed.