How To Change The Side Key Settings On Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

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The last few years, Samsung has embedded Bixby into the power button on its smartphones. In fact, this has become pretty popular across the board for smartphones, where you can no longer press and hold the power button to turn off your phone. Luckily, Samsung still allows you to do this, but you’ll need to change the settings on the Side Key first.

By default, double-pressing the side key will open the camera, which is a great way to quickly jump into the camera, to be honest. But if you press and hold the side key, it used to bring up the power menu. Now it brings up Bixby. Luckily, this can still be changed. Samsung does allow you to switch this to the Power Off Menu. Unfortunately, there are no other options here. So you can’t use to open another app. Meaning that the Side Key settings are still relatively limited.

However, with the double-press, you can choose an app to open. Though most will leave it to opening the camera. As it is a great way to quickly open the camera and get that shot before it is gone.


So without further ado, here’s how you can change the Side Key settings on your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4.

How to change the Side Key on Galaxy Z Fold 4

First, you’ll want to head into Settings on your Galaxy Z Fold 4.

From there, scroll down to “Advanced features” and tap on that.


Screenshot 20220818 085556 Settings

Next, find “Side key” and tap on that. It’ll be towards the bottom of the screen.

Screenshot 20220818 085602 Settings


From here you are able to choose what the Side Key does when you double press as well as press and hold. By default it will launch the camera and wake Bixby, respectively. Most people switch the press and hold feature to open the power off menu. That’s what it used to do, actually.

Screenshot 20220818 085608 Settings

And that’s it. You can use the Side Key to open specific apps, open the power menu, wake Bixby and much more.