How To Change The Power Of Roborock's Auto-Empty Dock

Roborock Auto Empty Dock AM AH 13

The new Auto-Empty dock from Roborock is pretty nifty. But you may not know that there are some settings that you can adjust to get the best experience with the Auto-Empty Dock. There’s not a whole lot of options available for the Auto-Empty Dock, but there are a few that you should be aware of.

Today, we’re going to show you how you can change how the Auto-Empty Dock empties your robot vacuum.

Keep in mind that the Roborock Auto-Empty Dock only works with the Roborock S7 robot vacuum right now. It will work with future robot vacuums though.


How To Change The Power Of Roborock’s Auto-Empty Dock

Open up the Roborock app.

Then select the Roborock S7 and tap on “Enter”.

Screenshot 20210726 093641


Now tap on the three dots icon in the upper-right hand corner.

Screenshot 20210726 093645

Next, tap on “Auto-Empty Settings”.


Screenshot 20210726 093648

From here, you will see a few different options for the Auto-Empty Dock. This includes having the dock automatically empty your dustbin. Then there are four different options for Empty Modes. Here are the four modes available:

  • Smart: Select the best empty mode for your home.
  • Light: Suitable for clean environments or smaller homes. Some residual dirt will remain in the dustbin.
  • Balanced: Suitable for medium-sized homes, balancing emptying speed and performance.
  • Max: Suitable for large homes and more dirty environments. Uses the strongest emptying power for the longest time.

Just tap on any of these options, and you’ll be all set.


Screenshot 20210726 093654

That’s how easy it is to change the Auto-Empty Dock settings. For most people, it’s a good idea to keep it on the “Smart” option, as it will automatically adjust for your home and how much dirt it picks up. Keep in mind that if you use Light or Balanced, you’ll want to check the dustbin in your Roborock S7 to make sure that it does get fully emptied.