How To Cancel An Amazon Order

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Amazon makes it super easy to order just about anything, without much effort. Which can be pretty dangerous. Maybe you ordered something that you didn’t actually want or didn’t actually need. Well thankfully, it is also pretty easy to cancel and/or return the items you purchased by mistake.

Today, we’ll be going over how you can cancel items that you’ve ordered. But beware, if you wait too long after you make your purchase, you may not be able to cancel. As Amazon cannot cancel an order once it has shipped. But you can still return the product pretty easily and quickly. Just drop it off at Kohls’ or UPS and you’re good to go.

How To Cancel An Amazon Order via the Amazon website

Canceling an Amazon order on the website is pretty simple. First of all, login to your Amazon account.


Now in the upper-right hand corner, click on “Returns & Orders”.

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From here you’ll want to navigate to the order you want to cancel.


Once you’ve found the order, click on “Cancel Items”.

On the next page, make sure to click the items you want to cancel from that order. This is important if you have multiple items in that order that you do or don’t want to cancel.

You will also be asked for a reason for cancelling these products. This is optional.


Now, click on “Cancel Selected items in this order”.

And that’s it. You’re all set. If you ordered from Amazon directly, you should see it cancelled immediately. But if you cancelled from a third-party seller, it may take a bit longer to cancel. But you can check the Returns & Orders page periodically to see the progress of the cancellation.

How To Cancel An Amazon Order via the Amazon app

It’s also pretty simple to cancel an Amazon order via the app – either on Android or iOS. Firstly, open the Amazon app and login if you aren’t already.


Next, tap on the person icon near the middle of the bottom of the screen.

Then tap on “Your orders”

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Find and tap on the order that you want to cancel.

Next scroll down and tap on the “View or Change this order” button. It’ll be under the “Order Info” header.

Now tap on “Cancel items”. It’ll be near the top.


Make sure to tap on the items that you want to cancel from this order.

Now tap on “Cancel selected items”.

And now your order is cancelled. Or at least the products you wanted to cancel are cancelled. Again, if you purchased from Amazon directly, it’ll cancel immediately. But if you purchased from a third-party seller, it may take a bit longer. And you can check the Returns & Orders page to see the progress.