How To Pre-Order The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

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Pre-orders for the Galaxy Tab S8 start today. The tablets will start shipping on February 25, and there are quite a few places where you can pre-order the Galaxy Tab S8 series. Below, we’ll outline where you can buy it, and what kind of promotions are available for it.

The Galaxy Tab S8 series consists of the Galaxy Tab S8, Galaxy Tab S8+, and the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. The Galaxy Tab S8 starts at $699, Galaxy Tab S8+ at $899, and the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra at $1,099.


AT&T will be selling the Galaxy Tab S8+ only, in its 5G flavor. But those pre-orders did not open on February 9 with the Galaxy S22. That tablet is marked as “coming soon” by AT&T. So there’s no word on when exactly it will be available. It’ll likely cost the same $1,099 as the Verizon 5G model.


Pre-order at AT&T


Samsung will sell the unlocked models as well as carrier models of the Galaxy Tab S8 series. So if you were looking to get the 5G model without any carrier branding or bloatware on-board, then Samsung’s website is the best place to go. It also offers more colors and RAM/Storage variants than the carriers and other retailers.

Pre-order at Samsung



Verizon is only selling the Galaxy Tab S8+ tablet, which will be priced at $30.55 per month, or full retail of $1,099. That’s going to be $200 more than the regular price of the Tab S8+, just for 5G.

There are some promotions available for the Galaxy Tab S8+ too. You can buy any Samsung Galaxy phone and get $130 off of your new Galaxy Tab S8+. Or you can grade in select tablets for $180 off the new Tab S8+. New and existing customers that get the Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G will also get a free year of AMC+. Finally, these tablet deals are stackable.

Pre-order at Verizon