How To Make Sure All Of Your Photos Are Backed Up To Google Photos

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Did you know that even if you have your Google Photos app set to automatically back up your photos, that not all of them will be backed up? It’s true, and a bit annoying. It would be nice for Google to ask the user when they first open the app, if they want specific albums backed up, or not. But instead it defaults to just the camera album, which is full of the pictures you’d most want backed up anyways.

Luckily, there is an easy way to make sure that all of your photos are backed up to your Google Photos account. Though, after Google stops offering unlimited free storage, you may want to change these settings. As it’ll fill up your cloud storage a lot quicker. But that is still a few months away, at this point.

How To Make Sure All Of Your Photos Are Backed Up To Google Photos

Firstly, open the Google Photos app on your smartphone.


Then locate the Library button from the bottom menu. And tap on it.

Screenshot 20210406 115608

Now tap on the Utilities icon. It’ll be in the middle of the page.

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Screenshot 20210406 115612

Now tap on “Back Up Device Folders”. It’ll be towards the bottom under the “import” section.

Note: you may see a card for this towards the top of the page to, tap on “Device Folders” and it’ll take you to the same page.


Screenshot 20210406 115701

From here, you’ll see different albums that are stored on your device. By default it will automatically back up your camera album. But the others may not be uploaded.

Screenshot 20210406 115711


For each one that you want uploaded, just tap on the cloud icon in the corner. If you fail to tap that icon, you will be taken into that album, and you can then tap on the “Back up & sync” toggle at the top.

Screenshot 20210406 115717

And then repeat that for each album you want uploaded.


Generally, I only upload the camera and screenshots. If you use a Samsung smartphone, then the screenshots are part of the camera album. Making it even easier.

And that’s all there is to it.