How To Appear Offline On Steam


If you want to appear offline on Steam, for whatever reason, it’s a quick and simple process to hide your online activity. It should be noted that this can be done on both the Steam client and on the Steam Deck. Since both are likely to be tied to the Steam account. And even if they’re not, you can still appear offline on Steam in both places with separate accounts.

Steam’s offline visibility feature is part of the platform’s social aspect. You might want to appear online much of the time after logging in. But that may not always be the case. We get it. Sometimes a little privacy is a good thing. We’re right there with you. Every once in a while, it’s nice to be able to stay online while your presence is invisible to your Steam friends.

With all that said, if you’re unsure how to appear offline on Steam, follow this handy guide as it walks you through all the steps.


Why would you want to appear offline on Steam?

Take your pick. Maybe you previously committed to playing one game with friends but changed your mind after a tough day. And decided to play something else but made up an excuse to get out of your previous commitment. Or maybe you simply want to browse the store and play games online without being bothered.

This is where changing your online visibility comes into play. So you can still be online on Steam but it looks as if you’re offline. Whatever the case, setting your status to appear offline on Steam is, as mentioned before, quick and easy.

How to appear offline on Steam

Launch the Steam client

Steam Appear Offline 1


Launch the Steam client. Once the client is open, you should be listed as online unless you were already set to appear offline.

Click on Friends & Chat

Steam Appear Offline 2

Now click on the friends & chat button. This is located at the very bottom in the right corner of the client UI. Clicking to launch the friends & chat window will bring up your friends list with everyone that shows as online. This includes friends that are in-game, as well as friends who are simply logged in and friends who are logged in but also away from the keyboard.


Click on the dropdown menu by your Steam account name

Steam Appear Offline 3

In the friends and chat window that opens, find your Steam account name at the top and click the arrow to open the drop-down menu. Here you’ll see the option to change your online status. You have options for online, away, invisible, and offline. Choose invisible to appear offline in Steam. You’ll now be able to stay online but look as if you’re offline.

Additionally, there’s an option for do not disturb. You can check this box as an alternative to the invisible option and it will disable any incoming chat notifications.


How to appear offline on Steam Deck

Steam Deck

This process isn’t too different from the Steam client method. However, you won’t be going to the friends and chat section this time.

Power on the Steam Deck

Power on your Steam Deck or bring it out of sleep mode. Next, highlight and click on your Steam profile avatar.


Click on the online status drop-down menu

Once you’re in your profile menu, click on the drop-down menu. You’ll see it off to the right and in the second panel on this screen, labeled as your status.

Select invisible

One the drop-down menu opens, select invisible and you’ll appear offline to your friends while staying online. In this menu you can also enable the do not disturb toggle.