How To Adjust DualSense Controller Settings On The PS5

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The DualSense controller for the PS5 is a modern marvel of gaming magic, and it’s possible to adjust the settings for it to tailor things for the way you specifically prefer them to be.

You may not have even known that you can adjust the DualSense controller settings on the PS5. But, you can. And you might be surprised at all of the options that are there. Now when we say all of the options we don’t mean that there’s a massive list of things you can change on it. But there are more than a few, and it’s worth taking a look at them.

You never know if you might like the controller to react a little differently. Of course out of the box it works just fine. And you could leave things as is and there would be nothing wrong with that. If however you wanted to know how to adjust the DualSense controller settings for your PS5, this handy guide can walk you through the steps.


How to adjust DualSense controller settings on the PS5

Hit the PlayStation button on the controller

While you can do this from the settings menu too, and that’s where you’ll end up eventually, in this case it’s quicker to start by hitting the PlayStation button on the controller.

Once you hit that you’ll bring up the hub down at the bottom of the screen. Scroll to the controller icon that you see and then click on that.

This will show you what devices are connected to the PS5 console, one of which should be the DualSense controller that you want to adjust the settings for.


Click on the controller icon to bring up the controller settings menu

PS5 DualSense Controller Settings

After clicking on the controller icon which shows you the list of connected accessories, click on the DualSense controller option. This should bring up the ability to do two things.

Turn the controller off, and open controller settings. Click on the controller settings option and this will take you to that particular section of the settings menu.


Once this is open you have five different things that you can tweak here and there.

You can adjust the volume for the speaker on the controller, the vibration intensity of the motors inside, the trigger effect intensity, the brightness of the controller indicators, and the communication method.

That last option is in regards to how you want the DualSense controller to connect to the PS5. Your only options are via Bluetooth, which is the default, or USB. If you tend to play with the controller plugged in a lot, you can change this to USB as the default.


Test out your new DualSense controller settings for PS5

Now that you’ve changed a few options for the DualSense controller, it’s highly recommended that you test them out. This is so you can see if you like the changes you made.

While you can really do this in any game, right now the best possible option to showcase things is probably Astro’s Playroom. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should. Because it was developed specifically to highlight all the cool things the DualSense controller can do.

And since it will utilize all of the controller’s cool features, it’s a wonderful way to see how the settings you adjusted impact each element.